Loving It Here in Miami (yeah, right)

We’re still in the Deep Freeze here in southern Indiana. The temperature this morning was about ONE, Fahrenheit, and now that it’s about noon the mercury has rocketed up to EIGHT degrees.thermometer The weekend is coming up in a couple of days, when it’s supposed to be around 40 degrees or so, but there is the possibility of blizzard conditions sometime during that period.
So, are you ready for SPRING, too??
The ground is still covered in several inches of snow, and that’s JUST enough to make our long driveway pretty slippery, especially the HILL part right where it joins the main road.  Kate got stuck coming in the other day, just as she tried to navigate that hill and hardly made it onto our gravel driveway.  I was in the house, waiting on her arrival from work, and the first I knew of her difficulty was when I saw her trudging through the snow on her way to the porch.  A nice 100-yard stroll.  She was exhausted from having worked all night, then being frustrated by the conditions, and having her commute vehicle stuck in the snow, knowing that she’d have to have it later in the day to return to Louisville, and Jewish Hospital for another 12-hour (usually longer) night shift.  So, I fed her, threw her into bed (gently), and later I went out with the snow shovel and extricated the work-mobile.
TriviaNightJan2014A couple of days ago we made it into town for Tuesday Night Trivia at our local brewpub, Point Blank.  There were a lot of no-shows because of the frigid conditions and dicey roads, so there were only 4 teams playing trivia.  That was a TOUGH set of questions, but we managed to slide into THIRD place 🙂
I had to drive south to Brandenburg, KY yesterday evening while Kate headed back to Louisville.  I have the honor of managing/obfuscating/impeding/confusing a creative writing group there on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month.  By the way, have you ever thought about delving into creative writing?  Come join us, you might have a good time! IMG_3461-800 Anyway, since it was a work night for Kate, I had to drive the pickup down to Brandenburg, and I was kinda dreading the return trip because of the afore-mentioned driveway problems, but I made it in fine.  I was on the downhill roll as I approached the turn, and from that direction I don’t have to worry about driving over my mailbox, so it worked fine.  If necessary, my backup plan involved leaving Big Truck at one of the neighbor’s houses and hiking on in from there.  Whew!  Safe!  🙂
graderSo, here we are a couple of days later. We got a little more snow overnight, but Kate managed to make it up the driveway without difficulty, now that it’s been shoveled a bit.  If that all turns into a sheet of ice we could be in for more difficulties.  Hmmm, wonder what a road grader costs?
For you camera nuts, I’ll pass along that I received a new lens in the mail yesterday.  As I reported recently, I volunteered to ‘shoot a wedding’, and I learned some things in that effort. 1865camera The main thing I learned was that I didn’t have the right equipment to produce satisfactory images.  The shots I got were ok, but there were some things I wanted to do that just couldn’t happen.  I couldn’t say that I will be doing any more weddings (at this point I would dread the possibility), but I do enjoy photography, so we’ll see how this goes, with a new item in my tool pouch 🙂
Anyway, I’m staying indoors today, doing a little blogging (as you see), and doing a little ‘creative writing’ to share with my Brandenburg group.  Psst, the story might involve some time travel – interested yet? 🙂

One response to “Loving It Here in Miami (yeah, right)

  1. Jon A. Whitfield

    Got stuck in driveway after trading 4wd for 2wd. Got help from younger, stronger neighbor who practically carried my wife to the house! Decided to stay home in that kind of weather

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