Trip to England April 2013 Day 9


Carrie, my new friend at Mollie’s Tea Shop

Saturday, April 20 – Our first morning in Saffron Walden!  As usual, I rolled out before Natalie, so I went downstairs in search of food!  I had a nice continental breakfast at the hotel, then ventured out into the village with my trusty camera. I wandered into Mollie’s Tea Shop, had a bit more breakfast and chatted with Carrie, my waitress.  Pretty lady, very nice lady! Regarding breakfast: I had scrambled eggs on toast, *perfectly* done!  I have wonderful memories of my English mother serving me that very breakfast many times, all those years ago.

Leaving Mollie’s, I strolled around for a bit, taking photographs of village life and the colorful cottages, then returned to pick up Natalie so we could start our day together.

Our loose plan was to try to locate the house where I lived while in Saffron Walden – the address was #9 Newport Road, so off we went, map in hand. IMG_2568-800 IMG_2571-800 After only a short walk, we were approaching the turn for Newport Road and just happened to notice that we were passing the Saffron Walden Hospital.  Well, son-of-a-gun, that’s exactly where I was born, 2.5 eons ago  🙂  Actually, according to the sign on the building, it was no longer a hospital, but was being used by the city government.  Oh well, times change.  We left the hospital grounds and walked about 2 blocks and found Newport Road, and right away found #9.  These buildings look rather modern, so it’s possible that the original cottage where I lived as an infant had been replaced. Not that important, I guess.  I took some photographs, but didn’t knock on the door, didn’t want to disturb anyone.

We went back down the hill towards the center of town and detoured off to see the Saturday Market. IMG_2505-800 IMG_2527-800 We really enjoyed that – lots of activity, people wandering about enjoying the unaccustomed warmth of a sunny weekend in England.  As we came out of the market we chose to walk to the large church that dominated the skyline of the village, The Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin.  It was very reminiscent of the cathedrals we had visited in days previous, only smaller.  As you browse the pictures you’ll see that ‘smaller’ only means ‘lesser in size than a towering cathedral’, but still very impressive!  While inside, I had a nice chat with one of the local fellows who was quite involved with some of the ongoing activities of the church – nice fellow, very knowledgeable and helpful!

Not far from the church we visited the Bridge End Garden, a very nice area for strolling and meditation.IMG_2560-800 IMG_2562-800  The English people DO know about gardening!  At the far end of the garden we saw the Saffron Walden Cricket Club enjoying the sunny day, and near the cricket pitch (playing field) we came across the Anglo-American War Memorial 1939-1945, a nice remembrance in honor of the fallen heroes of that area of the conflict.  My father was a part of the 4th Fighter Group mentioned on the plaque in the photo, but of course he did not fall on the field of battle, he was fortunate enough to make it back home to Texas, where I grew up.

IMG_2597-800 IMG_2598-800As we continued our walk we discovered the Saffron Walden Museum and did some exploring in there – lots of things on display regarding the history of the area.  If I ever make it back to this area I’ll try to allow more time for the museum.  Just outside the museum we found the RUINS of an old castle – I mean, I’ve NEVER seen a man-made structure in that state of decay.  I guess those English winters are hard on old castles.

To finish up the day’s walk we took a tour of the Fry Art Gallery, which housed a very nice collection from various artists.  Again, I’d love to spend more time for this, but we only had so many hours to see everything.  Save me a place, folks, I’ll try to come back!  🙂

Later, back at the hotel, Natalie and I enjoyed scones with clotted cream and jam, and while there we were able to get a good enough wifi connection to do some FaceTime with my son Bret Hilton, who lives with his family not far from Ottawa, Canada.  For those of you not familiar with FaceTime, it’s an Apple program that allows a video conversation with your friends and loved ones who are far away.  It was great!  Nice to see him and the kids  🙂

We rounded out our great day back at the Saffron Hotel restaurant, with Natalie enjoying some creamy cauliflower-cheese soup and gnocchi, and I had an English pie (nice crusty top), containing sausage, mushrooms and apples.  Excellent meal for both of us!

Tomorrow is our last day for Saffron Walden, we return to London for one more day of sight-seeing to hit some of the things still on our ‘wanna see’ list.  For now, more pictures!  Hope you enjoy them!

430566_4966347953234_1649671280_n IMG_2454a-800 IMG_2455-800 IMG_2456-800 IMG_2457-800 IMG_2458-800 IMG_2459-800 IMG_2462-800 IMG_2463-800 IMG_2464-800 IMG_2465-800 IMG_2466-800 IMG_2467-800 IMG_2469-800 IMG_2470-800 IMG_2471-800 IMG_2472-800 IMG_2473-800 IMG_2474-800 IMG_2475-800 IMG_2476-800 IMG_2477-800 IMG_2480-800 IMG_2481-800 IMG_2494-800 IMG_2495-800 IMG_2496-800 IMG_2497-800 IMG_2498-800 IMG_2499-800 IMG_2500-800 IMG_2501-800 IMG_2502-800 IMG_2503-800 IMG_2504-800 IMG_2505-800 IMG_2506-800 IMG_2507-800 IMG_2508-800 IMG_2509-800 IMG_2510-800 IMG_2511-800 IMG_2512-800 IMG_2513-800 IMG_2514-800 IMG_2515-800 IMG_2516-800 IMG_2519-800 IMG_2522-800 IMG_2523-800 IMG_2524-800 IMG_2525-800 IMG_2526-800 IMG_2527-800 IMG_2534-800 IMG_2536-800 IMG_2537-800 IMG_2540-800 IMG_2541-800 IMG_2542-800 IMG_2544-800 IMG_2545-800 IMG_2546-800 IMG_2547-800 IMG_2548-800 IMG_2549-800 IMG_2550-800 IMG_2556-800 IMG_2557-800 IMG_2560-800 IMG_2562-800 IMG_2563-800 IMG_2564-800 IMG_2565-800 IMG_2566-800 IMG_2567-800 IMG_2568-800 IMG_2569-800 IMG_2570-800 IMG_2571-800 IMG_2572-800 IMG_2573-800 IMG_2575-800 IMG_2578-800 IMG_2579-800 IMG_2581-800 IMG_2582-800 IMG_2584-800 IMG_2585-800 IMG_2586-800 IMG_2587-800 IMG_2588a-800 IMG_2590-800 IMG_2591-800 IMG_2592-800 IMG_2594-800 IMG_2595-800 IMG_2596-800 IMG_2597-800 IMG_2598-800 IMG_2599-800 IMG_2600-800 IMG_2601-800 IMG_2605-800 IMG_2606-800

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