Trip to England April 2013 Day 10 (last day)

Sunday, April 21 – Our last full day in England, flying home on Monday at noon from Heathrow Airport, London.  The first leg of the flight will take us to Dulles Airport in Washington, DC, then Natalie will head toward Dallas, and I will go to Louisville, KY, which is near my home in Indiana.

On this last day we awoke in the Saffron Hotel and were awaiting our taxi, which should arrive at 9AM to whisk us to our next hotel, the Raddison Blu, near Heathrow airport.  We’d drop off our bags then make our way back into London for some final sightseeing.

First things first, and for me, that’s always breakfast.  I don’t require a LOT of food first thing, but I am in the habit of having *something*, as soon as I get going for the day.  There was nothing going on downstairs at the hotel in the way of breakfast setup (Sunday morning, you know), so I went on outside into the village streets and took a few last photographs.  While I was out I checked to see if perhaps Mollie’s Tea Room was open this morning, and they were indeed!  I stopped in to say hello/goodbye to Carrie, my friend there, and had *wonderful* eggs benedict for breakfast.  It was a perfect execution of that classic, and they even enhanced it by using thick slices of ham instead of what we usually get, which is a thin piece of Canadian bacon.  It was delicious and filling – I could not eat all of it!


David, our driver

I left Mollie’s and returned to the hotel to join up with Natalie.  Our car arrived right on schedule and we were driven directly to our next hotel.  We chose a hired car this time instead of attempting to navigate our way on the Train/Tube.  As our driver, David, sped us on our way we had a pleasant conversation with him.  As a part of that, I found out he had an interest in getting started with creative writing, so I tried to recruit him as the first International member of our writing group in Brandenburg, KY.  He seemed interested, so I gave him one of my cards with my contact information, but I haven’t heard from him since, so maybe that won’t happen. Oh, well  🙂

IMG_2660-800We made it to the Radisson Blu without incident, dropped off our bags, then David drove us to the nearest Tube station so we could get downtown.  We managed to get that all figured out, jumped on the appropriate subway train, and made our way to Trafalgar Square, in order to visit the National Gallery.  That turned out to be an interesting thing to see, lots of wonderful paintings, but they did not allow photography there, so I don’t have anything to show you other than the outside of the building.  After spending 90 minutes or so in there we decided to head for Harrod’s Department store – that should be neat, indeed!


(this photo was borrowed from the internet)

We zipped on over to Harrod’s, and entered the Multi-Mega-Disneyland of department stores.  Whatever you’ve heard about Harrod’s probably didn’t really tell the tale.  Whatever I write here is only a weak description of the most amazing shopping experience ever created!  And, it’s all about MONEY, just so you’ll know.  We went to the candy department, the jewelry department, the clothing department – WOW!  We were in the jewelry department, just browsing, and I looked down at a little bauble, found it was priced at 9,900 Pounds Sterling!  I was about to say something to Natalie about it, then noticed the entryway into the NEXT department, which was LUXURY jewelry!  Good heavens, what do they call this stuff? Really expensive costume jewelry??  We were in the tea department, and I saw a nice little set with a small teapot and 4 small tins of tea leaves, asked, “How much for this?”  The saleslady said, “One Hundred Fifty Nine Pounds!”  I decided NOT to get that!  In the children’s department I saw a dollhouse as tall as a 12-year old girl…. 1000 Pounds!  We saw a lady’s jacket, all leather…. 5000 Pounds!  Save up yer money before ya come, ok?

Well, we headed on back to the hotel, knowing that it was basically all over  😦  We had an incredible time in England, the people were great, the weather cooperated, it just couldn’t have been any better!  Many thanks to Natalie for making this possible, I think I have the best daughter in the whole world!!  Love ya, Nat!  🙂

harrods IMG_2610-800 IMG_2611-800 IMG_2612-800 IMG_2613-800 IMG_2614-800 IMG_2615-800 IMG_2616-800 IMG_2617-800 IMG_2618-800 IMG_2620-800 IMG_2621-800 IMG_2622-800 IMG_2623-800 IMG_2624-800 IMG_2625-800 IMG_2626-800 IMG_2627-800 IMG_2628-800 IMG_2629-800 IMG_2630-800 IMG_2631-800 IMG_2632-800 IMG_2634-800 IMG_2635-800 IMG_2637-800 IMG_2638-800 IMG_2640-800 IMG_2641-800 IMG_2642-800 IMG_2643-800 IMG_2644-800 IMG_2645-800 IMG_2646-800 IMG_2647-800 IMG_2648-800 IMG_2650-800 IMG_2651-800 IMG_2652-800 IMG_2653-800 IMG_2654-800 IMG_2655-800 IMG_2656-800 IMG_2657-800 IMG_2658-800 IMG_2659-800 IMG_2660-800 IMG_2661-800 IMG_2662-800 IMG_2663-800 IMG_2664-800 IMG_2665-800 IMG_2666-800 IMG_2667-800 IMG_2668-800 IMG_2669-800 IMG_2670-800 IMG_2671-800 IMG_2672-800 IMG_2674-800 IMG_2676-800 IMG_2677-800 IMG_2678-800 IMG_2679-800 IMG_2680-800 IMG_2681-800 IMG_2682-800 IMG_2683-800 IMG_2686-800 IMG_2687-800 IMG_2693-800 IMG_2694-800 IMG_2695-800 IMG_2696-800 IMG_2697-800 IMG_2698-800 IMG_2699-800 IMG_2700-800 IMG_2701-800 IMG_2702-800 IMG_2704-800

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