Trip to England April 2013 Day 7

Thursday, April 18 – After a restful night in the Abbey Hotel in Bath, it’s time to get up and get going!  And, since I’m the early riser, I went on down to the breakfast area for some good ole-fashioned vittles.  Seems they forgot to fix them vittles, pardner – all they seemed to have was the ever-present continental breakfast, or the optional “glutton-fest” FULL English breakfast  🙂  I decided to visit the Continent for this go-round.  Juice, fruit, scones, and…… wait for it….. the Americano coffee  🙂  Actually, we got good coffee everywhere we went in England – wasn’t a problem at all  🙂

After my sumptuous repast, I gathered up Natalie and we joined the others to plan our day.  And, I don’t remember the exact order in which we did things on that day, but there were really only a few line items – we wanted to visit the Roman baths, we wanted to visit the Abbey (another HUGE cathedral!!), and wander the stores a bit.  This was scheduled to be something of a ‘free’ afternoon for us, so there was no big rush to get things done on our official itinerary.

First, the Baths.  IMG_2015-800 IMG_2006-800 IMG_2005-800These were discovered many thousands of years ago by Early Man, then when the Romans came during the first century they developed them into the configuration we see today.  There were many rooms and chambers dedicated to the washing of the body in warm mineral waters – a winning combination.  The Romans were already hooked on having public baths back in Rome, and here they could have the same thing without having to use slaves to stoke fires to heat the water. I’m sure there were still many slaves in evidence, tending to the privileged Romans enjoying a splash with friends.  We enjoyed strolling all through the complex, seeing the source of the hot spring water and how it was routed all through the bath complex.  The Romans were certainly good engineers!  Very informative visit, good memories, again!

IMG_2042-800 IMG_2043-800 IMG_1937-800The Abbey itself was another of those impossible constructions – how on earth did they do it, given the time in man’s history, with no power assists at all.  Even trying to imagine how they did the architectural drawings to pass along to the craftsmen boggles the mind.  I would love to live nearby to one or more of these amazing edifices to really explore them.  At least I can go do some research now, after having seen some of the best!

The rest of the time in Bath on Day 7 was spent in lazy strolling and shopping, taking more photographs, then finally we wound up back at the hotel for the evening meal.  Another good time of camaraderie, sharing our experiences!

Tomorrow would be another exciting day of discovery, but alas! it would be our last day of the guided tour with our new friends Roger, Lyn, and Charlie Jaques 😦  We’d be on our way to see Stonehenge, then Woodhenge (??), and a number of other interesting destinations.  I’ll describe those in more detail in the next post.  For now, enjoy the photo gallery  🙂

IMG_1918-800 IMG_1919-800 IMG_1920-800 IMG_1921-800 IMG_1922-800 IMG_1923-800 IMG_1927-800 IMG_1929-800 IMG_1931-800 IMG_1933-800 IMG_1934-800 IMG_1936-800 IMG_1937-800 IMG_1940-800 IMG_1945-800 IMG_1952-800 IMG_1953-800 IMG_1957-800 IMG_1958-800 IMG_1958a-800 IMG_1961-800 IMG_1962-800 IMG_1963-800 IMG_1964-800 IMG_1965-800 IMG_1968-800 IMG_1970-800 IMG_1971-800 IMG_1973-800 IMG_1977-800 IMG_1978-800 IMG_1979-800 IMG_1980-800 IMG_1981-800 IMG_1984-800 IMG_1985-800 IMG_1986-800 IMG_1988-800 IMG_1990-800 IMG_1991-800 IMG_1992-800 IMG_1993-800 IMG_1997-800 IMG_1998-800 IMG_2005-800 IMG_2006-800 IMG_2007-800 IMG_2010-800 IMG_2013-800 IMG_2015-800 IMG_2028-800 IMG_2029-800 IMG_2031-800 IMG_2032-800 IMG_2033-800 IMG_2034-800 IMG_2036-800 IMG_2037-800 IMG_2038-800 IMG_2040-800 IMG_2041-800 IMG_2042-800 IMG_2043-800 IMG_2044-800 IMG_2045-800 IMG_2046-800 IMG_2047-800 IMG_2048-800 IMG_2049-800 IMG_2050-800 IMG_2051-800 IMG_2052-800 IMG_2053-800 IMG_2054-800 IMG_2055-800 IMG_2057-800 IMG_2058-800 IMG_2059-800 IMG_2060-800 IMG_2061-800 IMG_2062-800 IMG_2063-800 IMG_2064-800 IMG_2065-800 IMG_2066-800 IMG_2067-800 IMG_2068-800 IMG_2069-800 IMG_2070-800 IMG_2071-800 IMG_2072-800 IMG_2073-800 IMG_2074-800 IMG_2075-800 IMG_2076-800 IMG_2077-800 IMG_2078-800 IMG_2079-800

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