Trip to England April 2013 Day 5

Tuesday, April 16th – a beautiful morning in Chipping Campden.  IMG_1420-800 IMG_1431-800 IMG_1437-800 IMG_1444-800I was up early and shot a few photos around town (I never get tired of exploring and photographing these villages) before we climbed aboard the BSV (big silver van) on our way to Stratford-Upon-Avon, birthplace and resting place for William Shakespeare.

As usual, I’ve included a number of photographs taken ‘on the fly’ from the windows of our van, and as usual, some of them are not perfect, but it was either take the available shot or not have anything at all, so I hope you’ll bear with me on this.  You’ll be seeing the English villages and countryside where we were traveling, and I hope you get some of the feel of it, and are maybe inspired to make it over there yourself.  To re-use the little joke from a Rick Steves video, “If you get lost, no problem – many of the locals speak English!” 🙂

This last shot on the left was from our bedroom window at the Kings Hotel in Chipping Campden – wonderful old village!  Nice place to retire, maybe.

It was only a short drive to Stratford-Upon-Avon, and upon arriving we took our time strolling around town, stopping for coffee and later for some fish n chips (never got tired of having that for lunch).  As you’ll see in the photos, we then explored the Shakespeare House and museum, and afterwards went over to the church where he was buried alongside Anne Hathaway.  IMG_1535-800 IMG_1536-800 That was another amazing church!  Large or small, I was really taken with the churches, abbeys, and cathedrals of England.  I could easily have taken 5000 photographs of those alone, but I know everyone does not share my interest there, so I tried to restrain myself.  The few you find here in my blog posts will have to do, and I hope you enjoy them, such as they are.

After finishing our explorations of Stratford (Upon-Avon)  we headed back into the countryside, then on into the picturesque village of Broadway.  We split up into guy/girl groups, with Roger and myself marveling at the wonders to be seen at the pub while the ladies browsed the shops.

I really hope my descriptions don’t fall into the ‘ho-hum, another English village’ category – I never, never felt that way, and we all thoroughly enjoyed our visits to towns large and small and came away with wonderful memories!

After we departed Broadway, it was back to Chipping Campden for one last night.  We had some free time to ourselves before supper, so we chose various ways to entertain ourselves.  I sort of lost track of Roger, I think maybe he was resting in his room, but I was out again, taking more photographs.  Natalie and Lyn were enjoying massages at the Cotswold House Hotel, next to the Kings Hotel, where we were ensconced.

As evening drew near we all gathered at the Lygon Arms pub for some pints, some conversations with a few of the locals, and some great pub food!  Love that tradition – maybe we need more pubs here!  After a great evening we retired to our rooms to get things stuffed back into our bags to prepare for another day of travel on the morrow.

Day 6 would bring travels to Lacock (Harry Potter!), a side trip to the beautiful village of Castle Combe (pronounced ‘coom’), then to Bradford-on-Avon (see, no ‘Upon’ this time – they’re kinda economical with their use of ‘Upon’, it’s usually just ‘On’.  Oh well, another English ‘naming mystery’).  The jaunt would end at the great city of Bath – the Romans loved it and I think you will, also!

Get ready to hop on the van – don’t get left behind!!  🙂

Oh, by the way – for those of you who might be interested, here is the link to the touring company we used for our wonderful tour of southern England and the Cotswolds

IMG_1420-800 IMG_1423-800 IMG_1431-800 IMG_1433-800 IMG_1437-800 IMG_1442-800 IMG_1444-800 IMG_1449-800 IMG_1457-800 IMG_1461-800 IMG_1463-800 IMG_1470-800 IMG_1471-800 IMG_1478-800 IMG_1479-800 IMG_1482-800 IMG_1486-800 IMG_1488-800 IMG_1493-800 IMG_1494-800 IMG_1496-800 IMG_1498-800 IMG_1501-800 IMG_1504-800 IMG_1506-800 IMG_1508-800 IMG_1511-800 IMG_1518-800 IMG_1519-800 IMG_1523-800 IMG_1528-800 IMG_1529-800 IMG_1531-800 IMG_1534-800 IMG_1535-800 IMG_1536-800 IMG_1537-800 IMG_1538-800 IMG_1539-800 IMG_1541-800 IMG_1545-800 IMG_1547-800 IMG_1548-800 IMG_1552-800 IMG_1561-800 IMG_1562-800 IMG_1564-800 IMG_1574-800 IMG_1582-800 IMG_1585-800 IMG_1586-800 IMG_1587-800 IMG_1588-800 IMG_1589-800 IMG_1590-800 IMG_1591-800 IMG_1592-800 IMG_1593-800 IMG_1595-800 IMG_1597-800 IMG_1599-800 IMG_1600-800 IMG_1602-800 IMG_1605-800 IMG_1606-800 IMG_1607-800 IMG_1608-800 IMG_1612-800 IMG_1613-800 IMG_1614-800 IMG_1615-800 IMG_1616-800 IMG_1617-800 IMG_1618-800 IMG_1619-800 IMG_1620-800 IMG_1621-800 IMG_1622-800 IMG_1623-800 IMG_1624-800 IMG_1627-800 IMG_1628-800 IMG_1629-800 IMG_1632-800 IMG_1633-800 IMG_1634-800 IMG_1635-800 IMG_1636-800 IMG_1637-800 IMG_1638-800 IMG_1639-800 IMG_1640-800 IMG_1641-800 IMG_1642-800 IMG_1643-800 IMG_1644-800 IMG_1646-800 IMG_1647-800 IMG_1648-800 IMG_1649-800 IMG_1650-800 IMG_1651-800 IMG_1652-800 IMG_1653-800 IMG_1654-800

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  1. Yes, Ken and I agree with you Jim that there should be pubs in the U.S. A great way to connect with fellow community members, especially when alcohol is involved!

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