Trip to England April 2013 Day 3

Quick review: Up to this point I’ve described flying to Chicago, then London, plus our adventures in London fortraction our first full day, including the visit to Westminster Abbey and the Churchill War Rooms.  At the end of our fabulous day we limped back to our room and collapsed around 6PM, none the worse for wear 🙂

To continue: After 10 hours or so of sleep, we jumped to our feet and bolted down the stairs to make more discoveries!!  Actually, we woke up in something of a stupor, and I put on some mismatched clothes (some mighta been Natalie’s, I don’t know) and I left her in the room while I went down to the hotel restaurant for a bite to eat. I had my choice of a nice complimentary continental breakfast (not sure which continent), or I could pay around $20 US for a Full English Breakfast (no, not like McDonald’s Big Breakfast).

Here’s the Wikipedia ‘skinny’ (hmmm, definitely not SKINNY) on their full breakfast:English breakfast

Full English breakfast
A traditional full English breakfast includes bacon (traditionally back bacon), poached or fried eggs, fried or grilled tomatoes, fried mushrooms, fried bread or toast with butter, sausages and baked beans, usually served with a mug of tea.  As nearly everything is fried in this meal, it is commonly called a “fry-up”.
Black pudding is often added, as are fried leftover mashed potatoes (called potato cakes), or hash browns. Onions, either fried or in rings, occasionally appear.
When an English breakfast is ordered to contain everything available it is often referred to as a Full English, or a Full Monty.  Defibrillators available on request! 🙂

I was a little concerned about what might really happen if I ordered a Full Monty from the waiter, so I figured coffee, juice and scones would hold me just fine – I had that.  A note about ordering black coffee in that part of the world.  I’m not sure what ‘Black Coffee’ means to them, but somehow they don’t understand what you want if you ask for it in that way.  I soon deduced that the correct terminology for that arcane beverage was “Americano”  So, ya want basic black coffee?  Order “The Americano”.  Not sure, but that may be some kind of back-handed insult. Oh, well.

By then, Natalie had re-assembled herself and was ready to tackle the day. We headed out the door into a bright, sunny morning and rejoined the HoHo (Hop On – Hop Off) bus tour to make our way over to the Westminster Pier, very near Big Ben tower, where we’d be boarding the boat for a cruise down the Thames to Greenwich.IMG_5358-800

In olden times, the Royal Observatory was located at Greenwich (basically a suburb of London, now), and I was wanting to see the Harrison clocks on display there.  I first learned of these timepieces when I watched the mini-series Longitude, which I highly recommend. I think it’s available from Netflix – it stars Michael Gambon as John Harrison and provides a wonderful explanation of how he solved the problem of determining longitude at sea.  Hey folks, here’s your chance to LEARN something!  🙂

IMG_0851-800We boarded the boat, just as planned, and enjoyed a leisurely cruise down to Greenwich – lotsa people on the tour boat, very popular thing to do.  Be sure to do this yourself if you make it to London Town!  After 30 minutes or so we docked at Greenwich, next to the historic Cutty Sark, one of the last clipper ships to be built.  It was something of a transitional design, soon to be replaced by steam-powered vessels.  Anyway, it is beautiful and historic!

IMG_0880-800IMG_0861-800We got off the boat and wandered into the little village of Greenwich – we fell in love with it immediately!  I don’t know why, but it reminded me of Estes Park, Colorado, in some ways – lots of little shops, everything clean and neat.  It was fun to wander around, making little discoveries.  We had our very first traditional English Fish n Chips at The Pier, and we enjoyed it immensely.  My piece of fish weighed only about 4 pounds, so I think maybe I got shorted, but hey, I’m a tourist, right?  All part of the travel experience!  🙂

Next we made our way up the winding path to the Observatory complex, quite a climb.  Hmmm, wonder why they put it up on a hill?  🙂  It was a very scenic walk (struggle?), and we were in a throng of people all wanting to get there first. IMG_0891-800 It was Springtime, it was Sunday, the sun was shining, I think all of England was out of doors, on the move.  Great feeling!  At the top we made our way over to where they had a metal band laid into the stone, showing the Prime Meridian, Zero Degrees Longitude, as you likely already know.  You know, Greenwich Mean Time?  Well, the folks didn’t seem all that mean to me, but what’s in a name?

HarrisonSeaClockI had to make use of an online photo of a Harrison Sea Clock, at left.  I took several videos of the clocks in motion, but forgot to take any still shots.  Oh, well.  Amazing mechanisms, amazing solution to an age-old problem.  We explored all the exhibits in the building, then wandered on down the hill to wait for the upstream tour boat.

IMG_1016-800After we made our way back to the Westminster Pier, we did the HoHo thing to get over to the British Museum.  I was a little disappointed that their premium exhibition, Pompeii and Herculaneum, was sold out, but there were still many wonderful things to see.  The picture here is of the Rosetta Stone.  Yes, THE Rosetta Stone!  I had no idea it was at this museum.  It’s the key piece needed for modern man to decipher the ancient hieroglyphics of the Egyptian civilization.  WOW!  I’ll put up some more photos at the bottom of the post – you can see some of the other treasures we came across in our museum wanderings.

After the museum visit we went over to Covent Garden, one of the most popular eating and shopping areas of London. IMG_5484-800 IMG_5488-800 IMG_5491-800 We didn’t stay long, but we had a chance to spend some time in an AUTHENTIC English pub!  It was the Nag’s Head, and it perfectly matched all the pictures I had seen of pubs – it was great, and the pub food was OUTSTANDING!!  They even serve BEER there, can you imagine??  🙂  I’d have to look up the menu online to try to remember exactly what I had to eat there, but I think it was another of the English ‘pie’ type dishes, with a nice crust and a beefy filling with lots of vegetables.  Very nice!  You won’t go away hungry after eating pub food!

After the pub visit we found the station for the Underground (the “Tube”) and made our way back to the hotel without any trouble at all.  We were actually figuring out the mysteries of getting around London!  Woo Hoo!  🙂

Here’s a sampling of photos (some may be duplicates of what I posted above, forgive me).  I think you’ll like browsing!

IMG_0691-800 IMG_0698-800 IMG_0699-800 IMG_0701-800 IMG_0706-800 IMG_0712-800 IMG_0722-800 IMG_0725-800 IMG_0728-800 IMG_0729-800 IMG_0730-800 IMG_0734-800 IMG_0737-800 IMG_0738-800 IMG_0740-800 IMG_0743-800 IMG_0749-800 IMG_0757-800 IMG_0763-800 IMG_0770-800 IMG_0771-800 IMG_0774-800 IMG_0783-800 IMG_0787-800 IMG_0791-800 IMG_0793-800 IMG_0797-800 IMG_0799-800 IMG_0841-800 IMG_0842-800 IMG_0849-800 IMG_0850-800 IMG_0853-800 IMG_0854-800 IMG_0860-800 IMG_0861-800 IMG_0865-800 IMG_0867-800 IMG_0870-800 IMG_0872-800 IMG_0880-800 IMG_0886-800 IMG_0891-800 IMG_0895-800 IMG_0903-800 IMG_0921-800 IMG_0924-800 IMG_0965-800 IMG_1004-800 IMG_1006-800 IMG_1016-800 IMG_1021-800 IMG_1046-800 IMG_1062-800 IMG_1064-800 IMG_1076-800 IMG_1094-800 IMG_1100-800 IMG_5382-800 IMG_5390-800 IMG_5391-800 IMG_5444-800 IMG_5448-800 IMG_5461-800 IMG_5468-800 IMG_5484-800 IMG_5485-800 IMG_5488-800 IMG_5489-800 IMG_5491-800 IMG_5497-800 IMG_5500-800 IMG_5501-800 IMG_5502-800 IMG_5503-800 IMG_5507-800 IMG_5510-800 IMG_5511-800 IMG_5517-800

2 responses to “Trip to England April 2013 Day 3

  1. Jim!! I am so enjoying reading about this awesome adventure you are on. I feel as if Iam there with you and Natalie. You sure do have an amazing daughter!!

  2. Sue Robbins

    Enjoying the trip to England via your commentary and pictures!

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