England isn’t real

We don’t subscribe to any of the premium channels on Direct TV because they seem so repetitive – “Want to watch “Extravaganza, the MOVIE?? It’ll be on 7 more times today, and 15 times between now and the weekend!  Hurry, don’t MISS IT!!!!!!”  So, we pay around $12 a month to get the Encore and Starz channels – that provides plenty of movies to keep us entertained.

hogwarts1-800Anyway, we had a free weekend on HBO and CineMax, so I recorded a few ‘somewhat recent’ movies, and a few ‘not so recent but way good’ movies, with a few Harry Potters, including the first one, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.”  I read most of the early Harry Potter books when they first came out, and I had seen “Sorcerer’s Stone” before, but somehow this was the first time I really ‘got into it’ and got totally absorbed in it.  Kate was at work last night, the house was quiet, just me and doggie, so I picked up the magic wand (tv remote), and enjoyed some mental time travel.  The story unfolded, petal by petal, and I entered the world of Hogwarts as a novice wizard.  What a wonderful trip it was!

<insert suitable segue here>   As you may or may not know, I was the recipient of a ‘magical’ Christmas present just a few short months ago.  My daughter Natalie presented me with a total of five wrapped gifts, each with a number indicating the order in which they were to be opened.  The first package (actually an envelope) revealed the link to a YouTube video she had prepared that described the trip we were to take together – a “Father-Daughter” trip to England, the land of my birth. A quick history of your author: my father was a Yank, stationed in England lo those many years ago, WWII.  He met a beautiful maiden (aka my mom), and Mother Nature led things from there, and lo (again), I came into this world as a real, no kiddin’,  bona fide war baby. I was born on Halloween (keep yer comments to yerself) 1943, and have never returned to that magical land since my mother and I came across the great water on the good ship Mauretania. map3-arrow Now, I will have the chance, thanks to Natalie, to see the village where I was born all those years ago.  By the way, THANK YOU NATALIE!!!  🙂

OK, here it comes, the connecting link for all my rambling to this point in my missive!  I’ve been seeing parallels regarding my impending trip and the adventures of young Harry Potter.  As surely as Harry was flabbergasted by all the wonders he discovered at Hogwarts, so will I be amazed by all that will be placed before me in the land of King Arthur and the Beatles.  Yes, I’ve seen all the photographs, I even had a photograph of my parents, as young newlyweds, by the lions in Trafalgar Square.  But, none of that makes it real, does it?  It won’t be real until I go see it myself, until I actually see the Roman ruins in my village of Saffron Walden, Essex!  It’s coming, you know.  The trip is COMING!  🙂  And then, I can surely say, “Yes, England is REAL!”Tower Bridge

Yes, I’m EXCITED!!!!

Blogs posts and photos to come, post-trip!

One response to “England isn’t real

  1. I’m from Saffron Walden and I must say I absolutely love it. It’ll always be ‘home’. I hope it lives up to your expectations and that you have a wonderful trip 🙂
    p.s. If you want an authentic English pub to visit while you’re there, head to the Axe and Compasses in nearby Arkesden. The setting is sure to satisfy any anglophile 🙂

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