Jim & Kate invade Charleston, SC

Bridge-CharlestonSo, we were on a quest for some luggage, maybe some new footwear, for Jimmy (thass me) for my upcoming trip (shhh, secret for now).  We took a little field trip over to Clarksville, IN, about 35 miles away, to Bass Pro Shop.  We could have shopped here in Corydon, but weren’t sure the 7-11 had all the same choices as the MegaSportsMall  🙂

As we entered the vast shopping emporium, we were attacked by a giant leech!  Well, actually, it was a rather small salesgirl manning (personing?) the kiosk for a place selling timeshares. We tried to get away, but got stuck to the tarbaby.  She said, “How about 2 nights for $99, lots of choices of places to go, just gotta listen to a 2-hour salespitch?”  So, I said to her, “No way, lady, we aren’t going to waste our money on this scam!”  That’s what I intended to say, anyway.  What actually came out of my mouth was, “Why, shore, little lady – where do I sign?”  She threw in some free shopping cards for BassProReallyBigStore, so how could I resist?

Then, it came to pass that we chose Charleston, SC, for our destination.  Gird your loins, southern folk!  Here we come!  Oh, by the way, I did actually buy something at BassProShop – see pic  🙂HandyTool

Charleston was only a short drive for us.  10 hours is short, yes?  But, I had wanted to visit that area, anyway, because of the historic sites there – something about a little difference of opinion that the locals there refer to as “The War of Northern Aggression”.  So, before we left home we put together an impressive list of must-see things in Charleston.  We actually wound up visiting only ONE of the places on our list, but had a great time, anyway.  And, I was surprised to learn that the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown was involved in the Civil War, but live and learn, I say.  We listened to some really entertaining books-on-CD during our trip.  The one we listened to on the drive down was “The Land of Mango Sunsets” – loved it!  Yes, it was chick-lit, but well done!  Later, on our way home, we plugged in “Thirteen Moons”, written by the same fellow who wrote “Cold Mountain” (haven’t read it – saw the movie).  I loved the 13 Moons book, so richly written; wish I could write like that!  Kate and I always enjoy our road trips, hope to have many more!

I’ve included a few photos to give you a thumbnail idea of the sights we enjoyed in Charleston, browse them at your leisure.  We also got to enjoy some of the local delicacies, like shrimp & grits (the recipe for which was imported from Vermont, I understand), and we also wrestled with enjoyed crab legs, oysters, and some clams, presented in a big bucket.  Fortunately, I wore one of my multi-colored shirts, so all the spills that wound up on my shirt matched the seafood feast.  CityMarketWe had a big time browsing the tables spread out at the City Market – the market was a succession of long buildings erected almost end-to-end, but each separated by about 50 feet.  They said it used to be a slave market in ages past, but not a place where slaves were sold, rather a place where slaves would come to sell their handmade wares.  Hard to imagine that, but hey, would I question traditional history, passed down from the olden days?  We had rain on the second day, but we soldiered on, umbrellas and smiles – after lunch and the tour of the Yorktown aircraft carrier we took a carriage ride (yes, in the rain – there was a cover on it). Do it, have a good time!

We really enjoyed our short stay there, and are already looking forward to our next trip!  One or two folks said we might not wanna come in mid-summer – something about walking around in a sauna while battling insect pterodactyls palmetto bugs, which are so large that some locals give them names, like pets 😦 So, go enjoy Charleston, but maybe during Spring would be best.

Au Revoir, y’all!  🙂

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One response to “Jim & Kate invade Charleston, SC

  1. I bet the girl at the Bass Pro Shop that sold you that trip is married to my husband’s nephew. Thanks for contributing to her income, LOL

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