That new-car feeling

We’ve been car shopping for the last couple of days.  As you may already know, we have a new grand-baby in the family, living in faraway Charlotte, NC, and we have made a few trips to that part of the world, with more in the offing.  She is the daughter of Joe & Erin Green.  Kate’s son Josh will be living in the Charlotte area by the end of the month, and he and wife Jessica are expecting a child in a few months – see the pattern here?  Road trips!

We needed something better for these upcoming trips – the Ford Focus was just too cramped and wasn’t that good for highway cruising, so we decided it was time for an upgrade.


So, we went out to do the dreaded car-shop thing.  Usually that’s a painful, stressful exercise, but not this time!  The main reason for doing this blog post is to tell you what a nice experience we had while purchasing this car.  We had done a little shopping at other lots but wound up at  John Jones Chevrolet-Chrysler in our home town of Corydon, Indiana.  Our salesperson was Brad Montgomery, who proved to be a true gentleman.  He was courteous and helpful throughout the process, and made us feel comfortable and that we were not under any pressure. It was a pleasant change from other purchases made in years past.  When it came time to sign the papers and talk about the financial end of things, Brad showed us to Bryan Kidd’s office, where the excellent treatment continued.  Brad took care to see that we understood every step of the process, and again, we did not feel pressured in any way.  As an aside, I had occasion to make use of their service facility for my Silverado I had purchased there, and was totally pleased with the service end of the business.

Bravo all round to Brad, Bryan, and the service folks.  Good job, John Jones Dealership!

p.s. Thanks, Brad, for laughing at my silly jokes  🙂

One response to “That new-car feeling

  1. Mike Griffis

    OK, so you bought a new car, well I am interested now and would like to know what you bought. You got my interest and I am curious. Chevrolet or Chrysler and which model. I am a Texan as well and am married to Dawn who has written to you, and we are Friends of Gene Bush who is in your Writers Group. Loved your trip to UK as I have made many since stationed there in 60’s.
    Mike Griffis

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