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Corydon’s Past is Unsavory

It is that time again – time for the annual fund-raising effort in our small town that is entitled “Corydon’s Unsavory Past”.  For a population of merely 2700, the town does a good job of organizing community affairs which promote Corydon, and part of that is done by keeping its history alive.  Those monies raised in this particular event will go toward funding this type of effort in the future, paying for props, building overhead, and other incidental upkeep items.

I have been privileged to participate in “Past” for two years before this, and it’s been a real blast.  I get to play-act, and in general just be a showoff, which perfectly suits my personality (yes, I used to get in trouble even in elementary school by being a comedian in class).  In 2010 I got to be the narrator in a skit which allowed tour attendees to re-live the period of great fires in Corydon, circa 1871.  In 2011 I was the “divorcin’ judge”, helping relate some of the scandals in our colorful past.  This year I get to be a doctor who does business with grave-robbers in order to procure cadavers for medical dissections – gotta train those young physicians in *some* way.  This is the second year that Kate has been able to participate, limited somewhat due to her job as a night nurse at Jewish Hospital in Louisville.  So, again, she is helping with the Great Fire skit – she is a concerned townie, shouting about fires breaking out and helping point out possible perpetrators.  Our friend Jamie Eiler is appearing this year as the Fire narrator, and his costume is that of a circus ringmaster.  Good old Jamie!  I think maybe he missed his calling – what a great actor!!  His wife Janice is appearing as the narrator in the Grave-robber skit.

Midway through last night’s tour, the clouds opened up and the rains came, but it didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s spirits, only their clothing.  Let’s hope tonight will be drier!

I have included some photos at the end, taken during a rehearsal of the Great Fire skit.  You can see Kate in some of the shots.

Since I am tied up with my performing duties, I’m not able to go on the tour and take more pics, so  I hope you can get something of the flavor of the event by seeing these few shots I took beforehand.