Poetry Time – Where I’m From

I came across a website belonging to a Kentucky poet and writer George Ella Lyon.  She adapted an idea from Jo Carson and came up with her own “Where I’m From” poem and has recommended it to others as a writing prompt to help them with their work.  The website is at http://www.georgeellalyon.com/index.html if you’d like to learn more.

Anyway, here’s my version of “Where I’m From”


Where I’m From

I am from Texas soil

red ants and horny toads

thorny mesquite and far horizons

rattlesnakes and yucca

I’m from a boom town made by oil

weathered faces, strong handshakes

tireless pumpjacks bringing up black gold

blowing winds, copper sunsets

black dust storms

jackrabbits and 22’s

I am from an English war bride mother,

a down-home father

Winky Dink magic screen

I am from grandmother’s cornbread and buttermilk

roaming the hills with brother Bob, friend and co-pirate

river bottoms, dry sand

Hot summers, wind-swept snowy winters

Howdy Doody on black and white tv

the beauty of Palo Duro

cactus and milkweed

I am from hand-cranked ice cream

home-made eggnog at Christmas

sharing sardines with Dad

a blue-collar family

I am from these, and so much more


Jim Hilton 2012

Maybe you’d like to write your own version.  Might be fun  🙂

2 responses to “Poetry Time – Where I’m From

  1. L O V E it. Wow. Thanks, Dad.

  2. Thank you, Jim. I feel like you just let me know you a little. Seriously, thanks.

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