A Colorado Graduation

We managed to get away for a trip to Colorado to help celebrate the high school graduation of my handsome, talented, loving, athletic and all-around GRAND grandson Blake Tyler Patterson.  We arrived a few days early and stayed at Natalie’s house near Castle Rock, Colorado.  We had a good time of renewed friendships and relationships and made some great new friends, too.

The graduation ceremony was very well done and flowed smoothly.  Yes, there was a speaker, an older guy (about my age), who delivered an amazing speech, humorous, motivating.  Too bad I can’t remember his name or the main points of his speech, but…. it was good!  🙂

The graduation was on Friday night (May 25th), and Natalie hosted a big party for Blake afterward, lots of food and beverages.   Folks came and went, lots of mingling and laughter, a complete success!! A number of us gathered out at the fire-pit for some fun conversation and maybe a little shivering; that fire really felt good  🙂

On Saturday we all packed up and drove to the Lewis family ranch up near Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  Natalie and John were great hosts, had everything organized so we knew where each group would stay and how meals were to be done.  Each of us got an opportunity to help with cooking, cleanup, whatever, so that helped things move along better.  Natalie also organized some games for everyone, including a scavenger hunt with clues, and a couple of the teams got to use the ATV machines to run around the property on the quest for the big prize!  Everyone had a good time, except for one old guy who sorta got childish and grumpy; oh, wait, that was me 😦  So sorry, folks, not my finest hour.

We had lots of free time at the ranch so we could go exploring or just enjoy relaxing or whatever we wanted to do.  The scenery was incredible, the air was fresh and clean, it was great.  The first day or two we had a few snow showers thrown in and the wind got up from time to time, but we all loved being there.  There was a big communal campfire pit with lots of chairs and we all tried to gather round the fire each evening to have some laughs and inhale some campfire smoke.

I know I left out some parts of the story (I won’t bore you with my tale of stepping bare-footed on the hornet, wasp, whatever one night in the dark- OUCH!).  I hope the photographs give you some idea of the all-around good time we had.

The guest list for the mountain getaway included Kate and myself, Trent & Emily Lewis and their four kiddos, Jay & Chelsea Fribourg, and Vicki Hamby.  Blake, Carlene, and Jake arrived from Denver a day or two behind us.  Blake and Jake will be working at the ranch for several weeks this summer.

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