Monthly Archives: April 2012

New territory

As readers of my humble blog already know, I occasionally venture out onto the thin ice of creative writing.  So far, I’ve only been published once, at the online Copperfield Review (  Admittedly, I have submitted my work very few times, but I guess you’d have to say my success rate is high 🙂  Anyway, since I’ve been attending a couple of writer’s groups, in Corydon and in Brandenburg, KY, I’ve started to get more motivated to: 1) submit some of my completed work and 2) get started on a (gasp!) novel.

Recently I emailed one of my short stories to Beth, the leader of our Brandenburg group, so she could give me her critique on it and waited a week or so for a response, but didn’t get anything back so I just assumed she was too busy to look at it.  I happened to arrive early for our next meeting and Beth was there also, and she had marked up my short manuscript with all sorts of ideas about expanding it into a NOVEL!  Wow, she’s great!  I liked all her ideas, showed them to Kate later, and she also is in favor of expanding it into a longer piece.  Obviously, you can’t decide to write a novel and have it done in a week, so it’ll mean lots of work, but maybe I’m ready for that now.  We’ll see  🙂  Cross your fingers, ok?  🙂

One of the nice benefits to being in the Kentucky group is now I have free access to the online version of Writer’s Market, so I can look around for publications/websites that might be interested in my efforts.  I may have to submit my work for no pay for awhile to try to build up some credentials, but we do have to pay our dues, don’t we?  It’s going to take awhile to sift through all this information, so don’t look for me on the bestseller list just yet, ok?  🙂

That’s my update regarding my literary efforts.  If you want to see any of my short stories, leave me a comment and I may be able to send you one, and of course I’d like to hear what you think of it.  No, I’m not fishing for compliments, just some honest opinion.  Thanks!