Home in Indiana, adios Colorado!

Well, I’ve been sick again, and that delayed this post.  We’ve been back home for a week or so but I just haven’t felt well enough to get this done.  Now, I feel SO much better!  With Kate’s care and a little assist from the doctor I have bounced back.  I hope this isn’t a trend – I came home sick from the cruise and now sick again returning from Colorado.

We were invited to go to Colorado to help out with watching the grand-kids while Natalie and John had a getaway out in Las Vegas, and we were eager to help.  It was to be a “double trip” – a few days at their house, then when they got back from Nevada we were to pile in the car and drive up near Steamboat Springs (actually Clark, CO) to stay with the whole family at their newly-purchased ranch.  The property had been a guest ranch and therefore has a number of buildings suitable for that endeavor: a lodge, a 3-bedroom guest house, a number of 1- and 2-bedroom cabins, garage, tack house, loafing shed (sounds just right for ME!), etc.  They’ll be selling off some of the cabins and some of the restaurant gear in the commercial kitchen in the lodge.

Anyway, everything went as planned, in spite of all my worrying.  We made our flight out of Louisville on time, got safely to their house in the Castle Rock area and got the adult folk shipped off to Vegas.  We had several good days with Alek and Aleyna (Blake was out of town doing ‘college shopping’ things).  We all had a great time.  Kate was guiding the kids in some craft projects and I mostly just stayed out of the way but helped with the grocery shopping and the cooking.

Nat and John came back as scheduled and we left on Sunday afternoon to head for the high country (their place is at 8200 feet elevation).  It was a marvelous drive – the Rockies are certainly beautiful all year round, and the snow-covered peaks were just wonderful to see.

At this point I’m going to turn the story over to the photo album – I won’t labor you with all the descriptions of everything we got to see and do.  In partial explanation, I’ll say that Kate and I had the use of one of the 2-bedroom cabins during our stay, and that was fabulous!  A wood-burning fireplace, no radio, no tv – we loved it!  There was from 2 – 4 feet of snow on the ground and it snowed almost every day we were there, we were living a Christmas card!

Enjoy the photos!

One response to “Home in Indiana, adios Colorado!

  1. Wow! Looks fabulous! I’m wondering if it makes you sick to leave home or if it makes you sick to come back. :/

    Glad you had a great time, and REALLY glad you’re better.

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