Santa Season is here

As I probably said before, I get to be the official Corydon Santa again this year, and it’s already been big fun!  Just last Saturday Kate and I participated in “Light Up Corydon” where I got to do the countdown to turn on the lights on the square.  Kate was in attendance as the beautiful Mrs Claus, lovely as always!  Immediately following the countdown we were escorted to the Old Capitol Building, just a short stroll from the bandstand.  They were all set up for Santa’s arrival there with a comfy chair and the official photographer ready to capture the moment for all the kiddies who came to visit.

For the next 3 Saturdays I’ll be back at the Capitol Building from 1 – 5 PM.  I hope we get lots of kids again this year, it’s always lots of fun!

I have a couple of other ‘Santa gigs’ lined up, charity shindigs, and I’m sure those will be equally rewarding.

Merry Christmas to all, HO HO HO!  🙂

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