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Autumn has come, and kicked in the door!

I remember thinking not too long ago, “When will this HOT weather break?”  I even asked some of the old-timers (yes, these would be people in MY age group), “When does the cool weather arrive?”  The consensus was, “Surely by mid-September.”  I don’t know exactly what I wanted them to say, but I was hungering for a TARGET date, one that I could look forward to with anticipation, knowing that I’d have RELIEF at that time.  I had a vague personal recollection from last year that Labor Day marked the advent of relief-ful weather in these parts, so I hung my hat on that date.  As it turned out, Autumn came in on her own time, late August, and we have been getting lots of cool weather and WAY LOTS of rain!  The rain was welcome, it helped break the heat, and maybe it will persuade my grass seed to do a quick sprout.  The guy at the Ace hardware store said that September would be THE BEST TIME to seed, so the grandkids Alek and Aleyna got out there on the 20th and pushed that spreader all around the 2 acres – they were a BIG help!  We’ll see what happens.

Some weeks ago we loaned our trundle bed to Kate’s mother Frances.  Frances is 91 years old now and was having great difficulty getting into her TALL bed.  We broke down the trundle bed and took it down to Vine Grove, KY for her use.  It has worked out very well, and we were happy to do it, but of course then we didn’t have any beds for guests.  So, after considering several options, we chose what may have been the most expensive one, but we were happy with the results.  We ordered a Murphy bed kit from the folks at Create-A-Bed in Louisville, KY.  The kit arrived next day – it contained the hardware we’d need plus an instruction book and DVD.  Using it as a guide I went to the lumberyard and had them provide all the cut pieces we’d need for the project.

I won’t bore you with all the details, but things went pretty well.  Kate and I worked on it together – she’s a hard worker and a great helper!  There was going to be wood-staining involved, which I was dreading, but she took over that part of the project quite cheerfully while I did the construction parts.  Sawing, drilling, sanding (Kate did that, too), assembly with glue and screws – it took us a week or so, but finally we completed it just in time for the arrival of my daughter Natalie along with her kiddoes Alek and Aleyna (mentioned above).  Just in case you’re wondering, here’s an approximate cost breakdown of the bed project:

a) Create-A-Bed kit  $300

b) lumber $450

c) mattress $230

So, we could have just purchased a bed, but this way we get to fold up our bed when not in use and have back the use of the bedroom when it’s just the two of us here.  Kinda neat!

Nat, Alek, Aleyna arrived on September 17 and were with us until the morning of the 21st – a very nice visit.  The kids got to run around the yard and play in the garage – I set them up with some simple projects which allowed them to use my battery-powered screwdriver drill and the standard drill.  They had a big time drilling holes and then driving in decking screws, attaching scrap lumber to my work table.  Alek got to be the mighty hunter – I set up a target range for the pellet gun and he pretended we were being attacked by Indians (Revenooers, maybe?) The first night they were here we went to the Corydon Jamboree, which is our local version of the Grand Ole Opry.  Very reasonable ticket prices, good performers, lotsa fun!  Also during their visit we went to Squire Boone Cavern (a first for me) – that was great!  There was a challenging spiral metal staircase we had to descend, then later ascend, but it wasn’t terribly taxing.  Lots of pretty formations in the cave, very nice tour.

We loved having Nat and the kids with us (they thought the Murphy bed was pretty neat), and we had some good family time.  We played some Quiddler, very enjoyable.  It’s kind of like a cross between Scrabble and Rummy, played with cards. I made a batch of my herb bread for them on the last night – it didn’t rise as well as I had hoped, but it was quite tasty and Nat pronounced it a success.  She invited us to come share Thanksgiving with them, so we’ll be looking at airline reservations for that.

Most recently, we attended a banquet with some of the folks at the Laconia (Indiana) church.  They invited all the widows and widowers to come together, and we helped in a small way with some of the preparations – that’s right down Kate’s alley, and she came up with some clever gift bags for all the attendees.  Other people prepared food and brought it to the school gym there in Laconia, and I had printed out some name tag stickers for the welcome table.  I got to do a comedy stand-up routine, not really my thing, I hate to tell jokes, as you know 🙂  It was great, everyone had a good time of fellowship.

Next thing on our calendar is to help out with Corydon’s “Unsavory Past” days – they’ll be set up in the square downtown again with various volunteers helping to tell the tales of Corydon’s past.  I get to be “Divorcin’ Judge “this time, and Kate will be a nurse (type-casting, maybe?).  Should be fun!

In mid-October we’re to go with Kate’s brother Alan and his wife Janice down to the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge part of the world – we’ll be sharing a cabin for several days while we explore some of the sights in that area.  It’ll be something new for Kate and me – lots of things to see and do there, I’m sure.

That’s kind of the wrap-up for now, if I left anything out I’ll try to squeeze it in next time, with apologies.

As Rick Steves says, “Keep on traveling!”