Travels up Nawth

We got to hankerin’ for a family visit, and it was a-comin’ up Canada Day (July 1st), so it was time to head for Ontario.  Bret’s adopted Mom & Dad (Lisa’s parents, Judy and Richard Dickins) throw a holiday bash every year and we got to GO!  🙂  Dick and Judy have a nice place close to Maitland Ontario and they always have a great group of family and friends there.  Fireworks, food, bonfire, mosquitoes (!), they have it *all*!  And, did I mention, fireworks?  🙂  We drove most of the way on Wednesday, June 29th, arrived on June 30th, and checked in at The Dewar’s Inn in Prescott, Ontario.  It’s a nice establishment right on the St Lawrence River – nice folks run it, and our room was very comfortable ($78 per night – quite reasonable!).

We spent most of our time on our visit at the Dickens’ house, visiting with all the gang.  Friday, July 1st, was ‘set0up’ day, followed by the main event on Saturday.  I won’t attempt to list all the attendees, but they were expecting around 60 people – it was a ‘milling around mob’, but everyone enjoyed themselves.  I’ll throw in a few pictures at this point so you can sample the flavor of the event.

We also had lots of opportunities for ‘family time’, including trips to the St Lawrence in Prescott, and visiting with Bret and Lisa at their house, also in Prescott.

We loved our visit, hated to have to leave, but Kate’s work schedule was the determinant on our departure.  We had intended to take 2 days to drive back, but once we got on the road we just kept going, arriving home at around 1AM.  You’ll find this hard to believe, but we were EXHAUSTED  😦  I’m only just now starting to recover – next time we find a MOTEL!!!

Anyway, we had a wonderful time, wished we lived closer so we could see them all more often, but I’m just not sure we’d be able to deal with the weather and the voracious mosquitoes they have up there.  We’re already looking forward to our next visit to see our Canadians, eh?  🙂

One response to “Travels up Nawth

  1. Great recounting! Glad to see both of you and to know that you enjoyed yourselves. I know the grand children miss you as does the local Timmy’s.
    Judy and I just returned from a grand meal downtown after which I owed the dogs some playtime. It was a short time as the mosquitoes miss you also!!!

    Richard and Judy

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