It’s been a long, strange springtime – LOTS of rain, followed by torrential downpours, interspersed with the occasional spring shower.  And, it’s been kinda WET!  But, finally, SUMMER is here, according to the calendar.  Lately we’ve been getting tornado warnings and watches rolling over us – so far no major damage, just some fallen branches.  There was one tornado that touched down at Churchill Downs, which is maybe a mile from Kate’s work.  It did some damage at the racetrack, but fortunately it didn’t come near Jewish Hospital.  Kate was there during the storm and she said it was quite upsetting to their normal routine – they kept announcing the warnings over the P.A. system there and then the nurses had to move all the patients out of their rooms and into the hallways.  She was exhausted next morning as you might imagine, but came home all in one piece, thankfully!

We made another purchase yesterday, nothing major price-wise, but something Kate has been wanting, and I wanted her to have it.  She found a good deal on a Baldwin spinet piano on Craigslist for $300 and we went to Memphis, Indiana, to go see it.  I hooked up the utility trailer to the Escape and we made a run up there yesterday evening.  It was a young couple who were selling it – they had bought it  hoping that the kids would show some interest, but that never happened.

Well, we got there and Kate started checking it out for functionality, and it was *not* looking good.  We had the lid up on the top of it so we could observe the workings and it was obvious that some of the keys were ‘clumping together’ rather than striking the strings singly.  The first thought was that maybe something had fallen into the innards (child in the house), so out came the flashlight.  Sure enough, there was something down in there that was interfering with a group of the keys, and after much fishing with a magnet, Josh (seller) was able to get it out and the keys started working properly.  But then Kate discovered that one of the pedals (the dampener) was not working well at all.  So Josh (miracle worker) did some more troubleshooting and found that the actuator for the pedal had come loose from its pusher plate and he was able to get that going as well.  So, the deal was struck and we started trying to wrestle the *heavy* piano out onto the porch so it could go down the steps and onto the trailer.  As it happened, Josh manhandled the leading end of the piano and the two ladies moved the back end of it and I just kinda stayed out of the way, wringing my hands.  So, we got it lashed onto the trailer and brought it home, but right now it’s in the garage waiting on some more manpower to attempt to get it into the house.  We’ll have to see who we can line up.

Next week we’re off on another jaunt, going back to Canada.  Time to go check on those grandkids (Emma and Luke) to see how much they’ve grown.  We have lots of extra hugs to share with the kids, and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone else once again.  It’s time for the annual Canada Day celebration at Dick & Judy’s place, and there will be a huge ‘gathering of the clan’, lots of family and friends there.  They always have a great celebration, with fireworks, a bonfire, perhaps a little alcohol consumption, and maybe just a little bit of eating  🙂  Dick and Judy are fabulous hosts – they never seem to tire and remain cheerful and helpful through it all!  These are in-laws to treasure!

I’m taking my Celestron 8″ telescope with me – Bret and I hope to have some fun together viewing the celestial sights.  We’ll have to cross our fingers that we’ll have some good viewing conditions and that we don’t get carried off by voracious mosquitoes while we’re at it.

Bret and I will also get to put our heads together on an automation project he’s involved with for his job.  I have some ideas on how to do it with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), so we’ll see how that all comes together.  This is the kind of thing I was involved with during my electronics career, so it’s quite interesting to me.

That’s about it for now.  The garden is doing reasonably well in spite of some losses to our rabbit friend (I now have a .22 rifle for varmint control), lots of blossoms on the squash, harvest is near!  We got new gravel spread on our driveway to replace some of what was lost during the spring deluges.  We finally got around to putting up a hummingbird feeder – we see the little darlings visiting our flowers, so the feeder should get lots of traffic.  Need a pickup?  I listed ours for sale, I decided that I could get by with just the utility trailer.

That’s the update – life is good, we’re very happy, dealing with our aches and pains, taking care of each other.  Come see us when you can, ok?  🙂

2 responses to “DisNDat

  1. The only thing you should be aiming at that rabbit is your camera.

  2. Cathy Palmer

    What a great update on life Jim. I have to say Ms. Kate got her an awesome deal on the piano.I know she will get many hours of playing in on it.

    Glad you have a nice trip to Canada coming up. You guys are always taking some awesome trips! I know you will have so much fun visiting family. Take some great pictures to share with us.

    I am so glad you and Kate have one another and weare blessd to call you are friends.


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