About a Garden

If I was going to name this little enterprise, I might choose to call it ‘Dante’s Garden’.  It has been a struggle to get that seed in the ground.  The effort started a couple of months ago, early March I think it was.  I took my trusty shovel out back, chose an area which looked fruitful, fecund, all  that stuff, and commenced to dig.  And dig.  And dig.  It was during this period in March that I was experiencing some shortness of breath due to the damp cold weather here in winter and spring, and I’ve re-affirmed this one point – if you can’t breathe, you can’t WORK!  I would dig for a bit, then go sit in the lawn chair and gasp for a bit.  And, the working bits were only a few minutes long, I’m not exxagerating.  Anyway, I didn’t get far in my shoveling.  Thankfully, the rains started to come, and during this prolonged monsoon season I developed a hankering for a tiller – I’ll bet you’re not surprised  🙂  I reasoned that I wouldn’t get much out of the garden beyond my funeral, so the tiller idea sounded pretty good.  Sears to the rescue!  I also reasoned that if instead I paid someone to come prepare the soil, by the time a couple of seasons had passed, I would have spent enough for a tiller anyway.  I know I talked about the tiller purchase in an earlier post, but now you have a little more background as to WHY I got it  🙂

So, the rains stopped, finally, and I got out there a few days ago and fired up my Sears tiller and got the ground broken up in about 45 minutes, without any strokes or heart attacks – very pleasing!  Of course, it has been during this rather brief dry period that I’ve been working on that pergola, so it’s been a busy week or so.

I went out this morning, put in all the seed and set up the sprinkler hose, mission accomplished!  I still need to go get some tomato plants, maybe some pepper plants, but the HARD part is done!  I know, I know, now weeding season is about to begin, but it’s not nearly so hard on the body.  I’m going to put down some strips of landscape fabric here and there to help suppress some of the pesky green varmints.  I’ve attached a few pics of the garden, and in one of them you can see where it is in relation to the unfinished pergola  Also, I put some labels on one of the photos – click on it to see the larger version and you’ll have an idea of what it was that I planted so the deer and rabbits wouldn’t go hungry  🙂  And, by the way, now we begin the roulette game called ‘Spring Weather’!  We’re supposed to get rain this afternoon – cross your fingers that all my stuff doesn’t wash away!!

3 responses to “About a Garden

  1. Bruce Seymour

    Good job Jim. We’ll be up to see it for ourselves next week.

  2. You need to get some jalapenos and okra!

  3. Cool Jim! You’ve done better than me. I’m always fighting with the ground here… I have these notions of a big garden – but once I spend hours trying to dig one foot by one foot. I decide I only need to plant beets and brussel sprouts. And then I did the herbs in pots. See you at Q&Q!

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