About a Garden II

I forgot to pass along a rather important step in the preparation of the ground.  In case you haven’t tried doing any gardening around here, I’ll clue you in: this soil is TERRIBLE.  It’s either red clay with lots of rocks, or red rocks with lots of clay.  In any case, it’s only good for growing rocks, I think.  So, some weeks ago we had a fellow bring a BIG dumptruck load of topsoil for use in the garden – it made a rather impressive pile over by our parking area.  It’s been under wraps all through our rainy season, waiting for better weather.

So, a few days ago, after I finished tilling the red dirt, I brought the garden tractor around, pulling the utility trailer over to the pile of topsoil.  Then Kate and I started shoveling dirt into the trailer – it takes LOTS of shovelfulls to fill it, by the way!  After each filling, I drove the load up onto the garden plot, got into position and then released the ‘tipper’ on the trailer to dump it.  Ok, MORE shovel work, spreading it around, then drive back to the pile, load the trailer again, over and over.  Wowsers, what a LONG day!  Kate was right there beside me, loading and loading – she’s not afraid of hard work!

After we got the rich dark topsoil spread all around I went out and raked it, then this morning I started making my rows and hills for planting, then put in the seed.

  Lots of labor involved in doing a garden.  Hope we get some good stuff from it  🙂

pssssst:  in case we start getting LOTS of zucchini, you’ll get in the habit of running away when you see us approaching with a big basket of produce.  You can only make SO much zucchini bread, I guess…..

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