The Neverending Pergola

I’ve never lived in a rain forest before, so I don’t understand how you are supposed to finish outdoor projects within a reasonable time-frame. Yesterday the weather dude said we had gotten rain for 24 out of the last 33 days and had already received more than twice the annual average rainfall… 29 inches!  Sounds kinda like Noah’s project, same weather anyway!

Ok, Ok, enough carping, I’ll continue with my progress report. To review the whole thing, I first listened to Kate while she described what she had in mind for this modest little sitting area in our back yard.  Hmmm, doesn’t sound too bad, maybe everything will be just fine.  I drew up the plans, ordered the materials, filed an environmental impact statement (on that, it turns out I have to be careful not to disturb the nesting grounds of the Great American Turkey – wait, I thought that was my title!)  Anyway, after due deliberation, I came up with the second draft of the project, with some minor changes.

  I just hope this thing doesn’t run over-budget.  Does $200 sound about right to you?  I went down to Cathedrals-R-Us and ordered several hundred tons of cut granite, but they declined to accept my order – maybe my Dairy Queen credit card is near its limit.

  Nah, just funnin’ ya!  After the rains went away for a couple of days, things started moving along much better.  My body isn’t working any better, though.  Lots of gasping and groaning with this little job.  Kate is impressive, she just never stops and is a hard worker, much better than I. 

Here are the latest photos: 

   So, we’re closing in on it – basically, we think we just want to add some top structure, maybe some slats up there and then some lattice here and there on the sides.  It’s a rather loose plan, but we think we’ll enjoy having it, whatever it turns out to be  🙂

  Get your lawnchairs ready, we’ll be calling you over!

One response to “The Neverending Pergola

  1. This looks awesome. I love being outside in the summer – but my wife, not so much. Between her allergies and everything else going on its just too much effort to catch more than a passing ray of sunshine without committing to using major lawn equipment. **sigh**

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