Pergola’s Progress

Well, Pilgrim, we waited as long as we could, but decided to go ahead without ya!  I know you really *wanted* to be here, digging alongside us – maybe next time, eh?  Just kidding, as usual – we’re doing pretty well on our own.  As you’ll see in the photos, we got the four main posts set in concrete, just before the rains came.  Actually, the concrete had about 12 hours to set up, so it should be fine.

It took us awhile to get everything just right – lots of measuring and re-measuring to be sure the diagonal distances were equal.  And, in case you’re wondering, concrete is REALLY heavy and difficult to work with, even in these smaller quantities!  Anyway, we’ll keep a-goin’, and get ‘er done!  The main scheduling difficulty will be the weather – LOTS of spring storms sweeping through!

One response to “Pergola’s Progress

  1. I can’t wait till another nice dry day to “get ‘er done”.

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