Remembrance Day in New Amsterdam, IN

Well, just like you, we had this on our Bucket List (in case you missed the movie, it refers to things we want to do/see before we kick the bucket), and now to our great relief, we can cross this one off the list!  We went to New Amsterdam, Indiana (population 27).  It was epic, it was mind-boggling, it was a parade, it was antique/junk tables.  Wow, it just had everything!  All the action centered around Shaffer’s Store in the middle of town (town is about 2 blocks long, more or less), and we were RIGHT THERE!  Are ya envious yet??  🙂  We got there in plenty of time so we could browse all the tables and the plethora of ……… actually, it was JUNK.  Oh, well…

The store really is interesting to browse, they have lots of neat stuff on the shelves and the whole place is heated with a pot-bellied stove at the back of the place, near the food vending counter.  The weather was cloudy, cool, occasionally spitting rain, so that stove was quite popular, as you’ll see in the pictures.

A little later the MONSTER parade started – there were probably 12 entrants, if you count the kids driving lawn tractors, and I guess you have to count the guy leading a llama and a calf.  Also marching past was Captain Clark and Sacajawea.  I’m telling you, you need to mark this on your calendar for next year!  It’ll likely be on CNN tonight so you can get all the details I left out.

The highlight and finale of our visit was when we boarded the old yellow school bus along with some other folks and took a narrated tour of the Mulzer Stone Quarry, about 2 miles from town, also located  by the Ohio River.  Their riverbank location is necessary because they ship all the crushed stone by barge (each barge is loaded with 1600 tons of stone).  It was a neat tour – we learned about the sizes of stone coming out of the huge crushers and about the rock strata that they were working.

After the hour-long tour we returned to the metropolis of New Amsterdam where we visited the ‘necessary rooms’ and had a bite to eat in the store.  Kate enjoyed a cup of chicken and dumplings and I had a barbecued pork loin sandwich – it was all delicious!  And, since we were back by the old hot stove, we were toasty warm.

Plan to be there next year – I’ll treat you to a sandwich, ok?  🙂

(pssst – you’ll see some ‘freestyle’ spelling on the store banner, but try not to mention it to them, alright?  We wanna keep things friendly! )

One response to “Remembrance Day in New Amsterdam, IN

  1. We went once a few years ago. I never seem to find out when it will be until it has already been. Darn. Well, thanks for sharing. Love the pics!

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