Pergola Pergola Day 1

And then she said, “Look at this picture!  I want one!  I’m not kidding!”  And then I said  (not sure if she was kidding), “OK, I’ll start thinking about it, right away!”  I figured that would hold her for awhile – kinda like telling a child, “We’ll see.”  Well, she wasn’t kidding!!  So, I started thinking about it kinda maybe more seriously, but not ‘rushing in to it’.  Then she gave me THE LOOK.  “Oh, ok, yes dear, I’ll get right on it!”

I put on my Procrastinating hat, found out it didn’t fit anymore.  So, I tried on my SwingIntoAction hat – tight fit, but I got it on.  After some sketchin’ and some cipherin’, I jumped in Matilda the Yellow Pickup and skedaddled down to Limeberry Lumber in Corydon.  I explained to the guys behind the counter that  I was there because of a picture in a magazine my wife saw and they all let out a big groan, “Oh, NO!”, followed by a big laugh!  Dang!  No sympathy whatever!  I finished up at the counter (I had to sign over a pile of cash, my firstborn, and two future draft choices), then drove Matilda around to the Big Lumber Building.  The cuttin’ loadin’ guys got me fixed up and then I went over to the equipment rental place to pick up an auger.   Amazingly, for another sizable pile of cash they agreed to let me use it for 24 hours.  Wodda system!

Then I was off to Wal-Mart for some bags of black mulch and some flower bulbs for a different project she had going, then finally made it out onto the highway to head back to Shiloh.  Matilda was kinda groaning under the load but we made it home ok.  I backed up to the garage and Kate helped me unload the heavy lumber, QuickCrete (3 80-pound bags) and 3 bags of mulch.  She was a great help, seriously!  She said she was glad to help with the project since I was doing all this work for her.  Nice lady, yes?  She plans to get out there when construction starts and lend a hand there, too.  It’ll be greatly appreciated!

On another project front, I went to Sears and picked up my new front-tine tiller a couple of days ago – now I have to wait for the ground to dry out again and try to till the garden.  Tillers are no fun, but they are WAY better than using shovels – this Indiana red clay is STONY and HARD.

So, back to the pergola project for a bit – I’m doing it in stages, starting with the deck which will be the floor for the thing.  In the first picture (that she saw in a magazine), they don’t actually have a floor, but we have enough bugs here that I think we’ll be MUCH happier being up out of the grass when we are sitting out there – our guests will thank us, I’m sure!  So, I have the materials on hand to get that far with the project, then we’ll decide just how we want the upper part to look and go get some lattice and ‘get ‘er done’!

Feel free to come help – I DO have extra work gloves!  🙂  Just kidding, but do come see us when it’s complete.  We’ll sit out and watch fireflies, ok?

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