A Fun Day in Spring

We went out on Saturday (April 9th) to enjoy the fine spring weather.  Of course, we thought it’d be a good idea to wait until the MAJOR thunderstorms rumbled through – the yard got a nice watering out of the deal, but we had a really troubled dachsund roaming the house.  I had to be the ‘dog whisperer’ and hold her in my lap for most of that time – that seemed to settle her down.  Much easier with a small dog, we have memories of old Noah the golden retriever who got frantic during storms and was VERY hard to settle down.  Poor old Noah, his troubles are all over now.

After Kate got in some sleep from working the night before we went down to the square in Corydon because we had heard that the Ohio Valley Civil War Association was in town and there would be *neat* things to see  🙂  It was neat, indeed – they had folks there in camp follower costume of the period and a number of soldier types with full military gear.  They were giving demonstrations of firing and loading the old-style rifles with full explanations at every point of the process.  Very informative – Kate enjoyed that part, too.  After that they moved the focus of the demonstration to the artillery piece now on the square.  Each member of the artillery squad had a specific duty – swabbing, ramming, loading, aiming, etc.  We could see that, with training, it all went very smoothly and the enemy had better prepare for the worst.

After we left the Civil War doin’s we went on to Louisville because we had purchased advance tickets to see a Louisville Bats minor league game.  They were to play the Toledo Mudhens – who could resist *that* entertainment draw??  The pictures pretty much tell it all – one thing to explain, they had a comedian wandering through the stands and on the field, and this guy was sort of a ‘poor man’s Jerry Lewis’.  He was a hoot!  If you want to look him up, his performance name is “Myron Noodleman”.  The Bats won, 2-1, we bought hot dogs and beer, souvenir hats, and Kate made another friend.  She was chatting almost non-stop with the young guy (mid-20’s) next to her – he didn’t seem to mind, so it was ok  🙂   We plan to go to see more games!


One response to “A Fun Day in Spring

  1. Connie Coffman alias Kate Warne

    Please send a copy of your article. We are famous. Who know. Thanks for the kind words……………………Kate (Connie)

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