Al Capone and Me 2011

As it was said in a movie (Mary Poppins?), “I love it when a plan comes together.”  Well, ours didn’t come together very well for our “Dinner and a Murder” party.  Kate and I were going to go to the Mafia/mob-themed party  in Corydon, hosted by some of the historical folks here, but as it turned out, her work schedule made it impossible for her to go, so I was gently urged (commanded) to go alone.  I really really wanted to go with her, both of us in costume, but……. dang!  So, I went by myself, dressed as my character “Don ‘Toto’ Tequila, Boss of Bosses”.  As you’ll see in the photo, I look very convincing in my part (well, maybe if I was driving an ice cream truck).  But, I showed up at the appointed time at the First State Office Building (which turned out to be a frame house from the early 1800’s – it was nice, but not your average State Office Building).  There were two  ‘flappers’ at the sign-in table on the porch – I picked up my name tag, information booklet, and a *really friendly* frisk by the big bouncer guy there (he promised he’d call me sometime).

Then I was cleared to go inside, at which point I stepped back into the 1920’s.  The attendees were attired in great period costumes, especially the women, resplendent in their colorful dresses from yesteryear.  I had made up some fun business cards in the spirit of the evening and handed out a few of those.

There were many wondrous hats, lots of feather boas, it was “the cat’s pajamas”, for sure!  Oh, I forgot to tell you – it was a ‘speakeasy’ theme, so you had to have a password to get in.  So, for this particular soiree,  the key phrase was “bee’s knees.”  Luckily, I was able to remember that in time to prevent my new bouncer friend from turning me upside down and trying to shake my ticket loose.

As the evening progressed, we enjoyed some appetizers, then were given a really good meal (I had the chicken cordon bleu).   Throughout the evening the information for the murder mystery was dribbled out to the party-goers, and then the murders started to dribble out, too.  Early in the proceedings the Big Boss from Chicago got rubbed out right in front of us, which wasn’t a meal course he was expecting, I imagine – he looked kinda surprised.  Later,  others met their demise, made me think maybe it was the “Ten Little Indians” story.  And, yes, I got bumped off, too – a lady lured me into an alcove with a mysterious note, took all my casino money and indicated (by her ‘weapon’ card) that she had an ice pick and my time was up.  One of the party administrators whisked me into a side room and said I could come back to life as a police detective or just continue as an observer.  I opted for observer so I could take some more photos.

It was a really enjoyable evening – the ambiance was terrific, the food was really good, all the people played their parts to the hilt.  If you can wangle an invitation to one of these, by all means go – you’ll love it!  And, with that, I hope you enjoyed the photos.

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