Family Doin’s

As you’ll soon see, today’s post is primarily to update our family and friends about our visitors who were here for the last week.  We just waved goodbye as our family group pulled out, heading for Tulsa, Oklahoma.  They’ll drop off the young ladies Megan and Grace, then they’ll be off to Denver, home for Ananda and Erin, and make sure Josh makes his flight back to his home in Los Angeles.  We’ve had a marvelous time this week – we got to show all of them around our part of the world and we had some super visiting time with them!  They were all a delight to be with and we look forward to seeing all of them again.  I’ve included some pictures here that will show you some of our activities – we toured historic Corydon, including the Leora Brown schoolhouse (the yellow structure), the Civil War battlefield site, our deck party at our place (which included some marksmanship with the pellet gun), out trip to Squire Boone Cavern, dinners with Kate’s brothers/wives Bruce/Joyce and Alan/Janice.  We had fun at the Louisville Science Center, where we experienced the Star Trek Exhibition, then we went on the river steamboat “Spirit of Jefferson” where we enjoyed a nice meal, a sightseeing excursion up the river and some fun dancing.  On their last full day here we  went to Churchill Downs to see the Kentucky Derby museum and all the grounds.  Thanks to Josh, we were introduced to the board game “Sequence” which turned out to be a BIG hit with the entire family and we had lotsa fun playing that together, plenty of fun and laughter.

One of the big reasons for their visit was to spend some time with “Grandma Frances”, and that went very well – Grandma was pleased!!

I hope you enjoy looking at the snapshots – not like being there, but at least you’ll get an idea.  As always, click on any small picture to see the larger version.

Come join us next time, ok?  🙂

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