Caribbean Cruise Wrapup

That’s about it for photos, are ya glad to hear it?  🙂  We took lots and lots more, but there’s no way to include them all.  Mainly I wanted to share with everyone the places we went, the people we met, the marvelous ship we were on.  We’re still in a happy daze about the whole thing.  We went, we saw, we were conquered by the beauty of it all.  Truly, we could have walked down the gangplank then straight back onto the ship and done it again without any qualms.

We don’t know what we might do next – the main limiting factor is the number of vacation days that Kate has.  So, we’ll likely be doing some 3-day getaways for the foreseeable future, explore some more of Indiana and Kentucky.  We certainly do want to cruise again, but for now, we’ll just stay kinda local.  We hope you were happy vicariously enjoying our cruise – we loved all of it!

2 responses to “Caribbean Cruise Wrapup

  1. Gorgeous photos, Jim, but I think I like today’s the best. 🙂 Looks like you had a wonderful time, and SAW what was around you. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Roger Coveert

    Jim, I just finished reading/looking at your comentary/photos of your cruise on the Spirit. What a treat. We will take the same Cruise on Oct. 16. Your photos have inspired and excited me. I guess my favorite photo is of the Tin(?) Home with the usual black poly hot water tank on the roof in Costa Maya. Next to the tank is a Satelite Dish. My second favorite is the one in Beleze of the Ancient Ruin. Or, maybe the Tin House is second. Wish you were going again next month. You two would make great dinner partners.

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