Cruise Photos Day 5 Roatan Honduras

Ahh, Roatan, we nearly missed ya!  😦  They surprised us with an announcement on the ship’s PA system (heard only in the hallways of the cabin areas, not in the cabins) that things had to be moved UP an hour because were going to be ‘tendering’ (going by small boat to the shore) because it was too windy at our intended harbor for the ship to tie up to the pier.  So, RUSH RUSH RUSH, we all of a sudden had NO TIME to eat, get a drink of water, anything  – we had to RUN to the auditorium area to be included on the list of folks going ashore.  So, we RUSHED there, then waited almost one and a half hours until our group was called.  Fortunately, Kate was able to get away to the breakfast buffet and quickly assemble some bagel sandwiches for us.  WHEW!! Anyway, we made it, as the photos will show.  We traveled by bus to Parrot Tree resort and hung out at the blue water, soaked up a few drinks and some lunch, then bused back to the ship.  Pretty good day, after all!!  Kate’s BIRTHDAY, as you may remember! Here’s Roatan:

Grab yer beach towel, we’ll meet ya there, ok podnuh??  🙂

2 responses to “Cruise Photos Day 5 Roatan Honduras

  1. I’m so glad to actually know another blogger in person. LOL. Great photos. I’ve been a few places, but never central America. That looks like so much fun. I’m going to enjoy reading your blog.

  2. Thank you so much for your visit to Roatan Island.
    Parrot Tree is part of Santos guardiola municipality.
    roatan shore excursions

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