Cruise Photos Day 3 Costa Maya Mexico

Our third day of the cruise and our first port of call, Costa Maya, Mexico.  At each of our 4 ports we had arranged (paid for) a ‘shore excursion’ to see various (mostly historical) sites.  At Costa Maya we chose a guided tour of some Mayan ruins, and our tour guide was Sergio – you’ll see some pictures of him here.  I’ve included several pictures of the tour so you can get a feel of what’s it like to follow your guide around to see the various things.

Also, from time to time you’ll see individual photos of people and you may wonder, “hmmm, who in the world is *that*?”.  Well, these are people we met, chatted with, borrowed money from, enjoyed.  I was handing out our “social cards” I had made up that were basically like business cards but had our pictures, our address, phone numbers, blog URL’s, etc. so the folks who wanted to could keep in touch.

So, here’s Costa Maya:

A few notes:

1. In one of the pictures you can see an interior shot that shows that you are looking at Deck 5 (our deck) and our cabin was through that doorway and just to the right.

2. All of these photos have been reduced to about 800 x 600 pixels for ease in uploading.  If you see one that kinda gives you that WOW feeling and you’d like to receive the full-size version, drop me a line.

3.  Some of the photos suffered in quality because they were shot from a moving bus, but I kept them in so you’d at least see some of the things of interest we were passing.

4.  That photo showing the thatched huts, the pool, the ship in the distance – it has NOT been Photo-Shopped or enhanced.  Yes, it really DID look like that!


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