Cruise Photos Day 1 and 2

As promised (threatened?) I’m passing along some photos we took while we were away on our Caribbean Cruise.  Day 1 was New Orleans, we boarded the ship and did some exploring while we waited to depart.  Departure time was 5:00 PM.  Most of these pictures will be to acquaint you with the ship itself – the Norwegian Spirit.  It holds about 2100 passengers, and had enough places to eat, enough things to do, that we never had to stand in any lines and it was just a pleasure to be aboard this beautiful conveyance which was to take us on a magic carpet ride to a Caribbean Paradise.  Between Kate and myself we took around 600 photos, but I won’t bombard you with the whole set (feel better now?)  🙂

Ok, here we go – welcome aboard the Norwegian Spirit!

These pics will give you some idea of what the ship looks like externally and internally, showing some of the dining and common areas.  All the pics are ‘click-able’, of course.

Tell me whatcha think – are you ready to CRUISE???  🙂

One response to “Cruise Photos Day 1 and 2

  1. The Chic Nerd

    WOW – looks so amazing! 🙂 It seems like we’ve always been planning to go on a cruise, and then putting it off, but these photos are completely convincing me to take action and just go on a cruise already (you sure the pics are real?). 😉 Thanks for sharing!

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