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Spring Attacks

In the back of my mind I knew it was *coming*!  I suppose I was in denial, thinking maybe it wouldn’t apply to me – wrong!  We drove home from New Orleans after our cruise and saw dogwoods and redbuds in bloom down in Mississippi and Alabama, but it just didn’t register that it was actually about to happen HERE!

So, things are greening up, and there are Spring projects LOOMING – ask Kate, she has LOTS of them lined up, not sure how many of them have my name on them.  I got volunteered (suckered) into one yesterday – we made a couple of planter troughs.  Yes, we *made* them, didn’t use the purchased kind.  In one of her demonic magazines it said you could make your own ‘hypertufa’ things for the garden, so after we came home from Home Depot we started the mixing and gooping. Ours *might* not turn out as artistic as the one pictured on the left – we’ll see.  Anyway, hypertufa is kind of a home-made concrete that is WAY lighter than concrete.  Maybe if we decide to add on a room we can mix up a BIG batch of this stuff.  Oh, by the way, it takes THREE weeks for the troughs to cure – no instant gratification here.

We had gone kinda overboard during freezing February and ordered enough seeds and plants to start our own nursery, and now these things are starting to arrive at our door.  No, we’re not ready yet.  I have been sorta planning to order some topsoil for our intended garden plot and wound up waiting a bit too long, as it turned out.  They were supposed to come today with the  big truck, but it’s RAINING today, so maybe they’ll come Wednesday or Thursday.  I’ll have to keep some of our ‘already arrived’ plants in safe storage until the soil gets here and we get it spread out.  It’s supposed to be about 6 yards, which is approximately 3 pickup loads of dirt.  I plan to attach my little trailer to my lawn tractor and distribute a lot of it that way, here’s hoping.  If that plan doesn’t work, it’ll be shovels and wheelbarrows.  I’ll only have to move it about 75 feet, slightly uphill, so maybe it won’t be killer difficult.

Our next shipment to arrive will be blueberry bushes, blackberry bushes, and vinca ground cover for the flower garden.  I already received garlic, strawberries and asparagus which have been ‘temporarily’ transplanted to a holding area.  I also got a lot of seed packets.  See how ‘behind’ I put myself?

Help!  Bring shovels!!  (I’ll have to let you know when the soil arrives, so right now you’re on ‘standby’, ok?)

Spring is neat, if you don’t get overwhelmed.


Caribbean Cruise Wrapup

That’s about it for photos, are ya glad to hear it?  🙂  We took lots and lots more, but there’s no way to include them all.  Mainly I wanted to share with everyone the places we went, the people we met, the marvelous ship we were on.  We’re still in a happy daze about the whole thing.  We went, we saw, we were conquered by the beauty of it all.  Truly, we could have walked down the gangplank then straight back onto the ship and done it again without any qualms.

We don’t know what we might do next – the main limiting factor is the number of vacation days that Kate has.  So, we’ll likely be doing some 3-day getaways for the foreseeable future, explore some more of Indiana and Kentucky.  We certainly do want to cruise again, but for now, we’ll just stay kinda local.  We hope you were happy vicariously enjoying our cruise – we loved all of it!

Cruise Photos Day 6 Island of Cozumel

Our last port of call, and it was a fun day.  It was not too demanding, we took a bus to a sort of historical park named Chankanaab, where they had replicas of historical things of interest so you could stroll the shady paths and see the statuary and other historical things all in one place.  After we left there we had a bus tour of some of the perimeter of the island and stopped in a large grass hut kind of place for lunch, then back.  We took a number of pics from the bus windows just to give you an idea of what it might be like if you took a similar cruise and tour.  Hope you like our photos, wish you could have come along!

Here is Cozumel:

Cozumel – beautiful place, great memories!

Cruise Photos Day 5 Roatan Honduras

Ahh, Roatan, we nearly missed ya!  😦  They surprised us with an announcement on the ship’s PA system (heard only in the hallways of the cabin areas, not in the cabins) that things had to be moved UP an hour because were going to be ‘tendering’ (going by small boat to the shore) because it was too windy at our intended harbor for the ship to tie up to the pier.  So, RUSH RUSH RUSH, we all of a sudden had NO TIME to eat, get a drink of water, anything  – we had to RUN to the auditorium area to be included on the list of folks going ashore.  So, we RUSHED there, then waited almost one and a half hours until our group was called.  Fortunately, Kate was able to get away to the breakfast buffet and quickly assemble some bagel sandwiches for us.  WHEW!! Anyway, we made it, as the photos will show.  We traveled by bus to Parrot Tree resort and hung out at the blue water, soaked up a few drinks and some lunch, then bused back to the ship.  Pretty good day, after all!!  Kate’s BIRTHDAY, as you may remember! Here’s Roatan:

Grab yer beach towel, we’ll meet ya there, ok podnuh??  🙂

Cruise Photos Day 4 Belize

Our second port of call, in Belize.  Again, wonderful weather, warm Caribbean breezes – great!  For this stop we signed up for a 2-part shore excursion – a river trip up the Old River, followed by a tour of the Mayan ruins at Altun Ha.  As you’ll see by the photos we stopped at the end of the boat trip and had a noon meal before boarding the bus to head for the ruins.  Great day all ’round, we loved it.  I’m sure it had to do with the time of year, but we were not bothered at all by mosquitoes – perhaps February is the bestest time to tour the jungle, ya think??  🙂

OK, here’s Belize:

I included a few ‘property’ photos along the river, thought son-in-law John would be interested – maybe he’d like to buy one, have a hangout down there as a base for scuba adventures.  We’ll wait for feedback on that  🙂


Cruise Photos Day 3 Costa Maya Mexico

Our third day of the cruise and our first port of call, Costa Maya, Mexico.  At each of our 4 ports we had arranged (paid for) a ‘shore excursion’ to see various (mostly historical) sites.  At Costa Maya we chose a guided tour of some Mayan ruins, and our tour guide was Sergio – you’ll see some pictures of him here.  I’ve included several pictures of the tour so you can get a feel of what’s it like to follow your guide around to see the various things.

Also, from time to time you’ll see individual photos of people and you may wonder, “hmmm, who in the world is *that*?”.  Well, these are people we met, chatted with, borrowed money from, enjoyed.  I was handing out our “social cards” I had made up that were basically like business cards but had our pictures, our address, phone numbers, blog URL’s, etc. so the folks who wanted to could keep in touch.

So, here’s Costa Maya:

A few notes:

1. In one of the pictures you can see an interior shot that shows that you are looking at Deck 5 (our deck) and our cabin was through that doorway and just to the right.

2. All of these photos have been reduced to about 800 x 600 pixels for ease in uploading.  If you see one that kinda gives you that WOW feeling and you’d like to receive the full-size version, drop me a line.

3.  Some of the photos suffered in quality because they were shot from a moving bus, but I kept them in so you’d at least see some of the things of interest we were passing.

4.  That photo showing the thatched huts, the pool, the ship in the distance – it has NOT been Photo-Shopped or enhanced.  Yes, it really DID look like that!


Cruise Photos Day 1 and 2

As promised (threatened?) I’m passing along some photos we took while we were away on our Caribbean Cruise.  Day 1 was New Orleans, we boarded the ship and did some exploring while we waited to depart.  Departure time was 5:00 PM.  Most of these pictures will be to acquaint you with the ship itself – the Norwegian Spirit.  It holds about 2100 passengers, and had enough places to eat, enough things to do, that we never had to stand in any lines and it was just a pleasure to be aboard this beautiful conveyance which was to take us on a magic carpet ride to a Caribbean Paradise.  Between Kate and myself we took around 600 photos, but I won’t bombard you with the whole set (feel better now?)  🙂

Ok, here we go – welcome aboard the Norwegian Spirit!

These pics will give you some idea of what the ship looks like externally and internally, showing some of the dining and common areas.  All the pics are ‘click-able’, of course.

Tell me whatcha think – are you ready to CRUISE???  🙂