Back home again

  We hated to see the end of the week, but we had a very full week, loved every minute of it.  We loved the ship, the staff, the food, our cabin, the whole deal.  We got only a small taste of the 4 ports of call, would be happy to go back, explore some more at each one.  Try Norwegian Cruise Line, I think you’ll like it.

   We docked Sunday morning (the 27th), got picked up by the parking shuttle, no problem, got our car, and Kate suggested we go visit the National WWII Museum there in New Orleans. So, we got there, no problem, and loved the entire experience.  We also purchased tickets to the Solomon Victory Theater, just across the street.  The theater is an extension of the museum – there we saw “Beyond All Boundaries”, a movie on a huge screen with lots of physical props that were used during the presentation.  That movie experience will just blow you away!  It was exciting, it was moving, it was patriotic, just amazing!

   Now, where to cruise next……..hmmmmmmmm.

    I’ll be putting together some photographic posts here in the next day or two, and will include lots of our trip photos with a little bit of explanation, trying to keep from being TOO boring.  See ya then!

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