Cruise Day 6 – Cozumel, Mexico

   Today was a little more ‘sedate’ than some of our outings – made us feel a little ‘old folksy’, but at least we didn’t have to use walkers to get around.  We took a bus ride around most of the island of Cozumel, making just a few stops.  We went to Chankenaab (sp) and viewed some replicas of important Mayan sites, large stone calendars (made of fiberglass, I happened to discover, but quite realistic), some large statues and oversize heads, all that stuff.  We got to (again) run the gauntlet of vendors who had all manner of touristy things for sale.  This vendor thing happened each time we departed the bus – it wasn’t really that irritating, and they pretty much left us alone each time Kate opened her purse to show off her 9mm Glock.

   At another stop we had some Mexican food in a surfside thatched-roof restaurant – pretty good stuff, good scenery.  Kate wandered over to the edge of the sea and got her feet wet, then tracked it all back into the restaurant – I saw some of the waiters glaring at her.  She was so pretty I thought at first she was a mermaid.  🙂

   Anyway, low-key day, nice bus ride, did some shopping at the dock area just before we returned to the ship, picked up a few souvenirs.  This was our last opportunity to buy things ‘shoreside’, but we didn’t over do it – we still have to *carry* all our purchases.

   Tomorrow will be our 2nd day ‘at sea’ – steaming all day, heading back to New Orleans.   Not sure what tomorrow will bring, probably lots of just looking at the waves, very relaxing, might even get our books finished.

  Will try to make a final post tomorrow evening.


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