Cruise Day 5 – Island of Roatan, Honduras

We had a somewhat difficult start to the day.  We had tickets to a ‘shore excursion’ for a day at the beach on Roatan, and the ticket said that our meeting time was to be 9:20 AM at the end of the pier where we were to be docking.  So, we slept a little later than usual after our tiring previous day, got up around 8:05 AM, still plenty of time to grab some breakfast at the “Raffles” buffet on Deck 12.  I was out of the cabin heading up there, planning to come back and get Kate in a bit after she had time to shower and get ready when they announced, “Sorry, folks – we had to dock at a different harbor, you’ll have to meet at 8:20 instead of 9:20, see you at the meeting place on the ship so you can board your tender (small boat) to go ashore.”  So, by then it was 8 minutes after 8AM – I ran back to the cabin, gave Kate the update, and we rushed down to the assigned meeting place, got there at about 8:25.  Rush, rush, rush – no breakfast, no water, left our books in the room we had planned to read.  So, we got there and *immediately* waited almost an hour and a half until they told us we could board our tender.  After 45 minutes of waiting, Kate made a food run for us, got us some throw-together breakfast sandwiches from the buffet.

   It was about then that the troops started to get restless – lots of people in the ship’s auditorium, grumbling about the delays and the confusion, and finally the lady up front with the microphone said in desperation, “Does anybody know any JOKES?”  So, Jim to the rescue, I went down there and did my joke routine for a little while, gained instant fame from our fellow travelers  🙂  Got rave reviews, I tell ya!  🙂

   Yes, we did make it onshore, made it to our tour bus, and we went for about an hour bumping along in the little bus, sitting on bus seats that were about 1 and 1/2 people wide – kinda uncomfortable.  I think they designed the bus for student-size people.

   We made it to our beach at Parrot Tree resort, had a good day in the sun (me mostly in the shade – Kate got burned!).  We had a buffet lunch under the big thatched hut (palapa) – more rice and beans and chicken and fish, pretty good stuff.

   Typing all this on Friday morning, which is Day 6, got to head up to breakfast now, will try to do another report this evening.

   Today, Cozumel!  The fun continues!!!

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