Caribbean Cruise Day 3

   Another great day on our cruise.  We arrived in Costa Maya at 10:00 this morning – sparkling weather, warm breezes, beautiful waves crashing on shore near the palm trees.  So nice to enjoy the warm breezes at any time of day or night.

   We went on our first ‘shore excursion’ today, to the Mayan ruins at Chachoben (sp).  It was an hour drive on a nice bus, then the tour took 2 hours – our guide led us from site to site, explaining the significance of all the stone pyramids and other buildings/remnants.  As at any other cruise activity, we met some very nice fellow passengers and I’ve been handing out social cards (like business cards, but only containing our contact info) so those who wanted to stay in touch would have the basic information to do it.  It was a pretty warm day, but with the near constant sea breezes it was tolerable.  We had put on our sunscreen just to be safe, so we didn’t get scorched.  No bugs in evidence today, so repellent not required.  We were given time to do a little shopping at the souvenir shops and picked up a couple of small items.  Another hour’s drive back to the pier and we were home again, home again.  We had a really nice time, but did get kinda tired.  We found a place in the shopping complex where you could actually purchase beer, so we took pity on the poor merchant and helped him with his daily sales quota.  We met some nice folks there, Albert and Gina from NYC – they were there on a cruise on the “Radiance of the Seas” (Royal Caribbean ship) – again, nice folks.  I took some pics of them, will try to include them in a future post.  I really don’t have a way to include pics on these shipboard posts since I’m just using one of the computers at the Internet Cafe, but I’ll try to catch up later.

   We had a really nice meal last night at the “Windows” restaurant, formal dining, linen tablecloths, attentive waitstaff, GREAT food – tonight we had a similar experience at the Italian restaurant on board “La Trattoria”.  We had more food than we could comfortably consume, so we had to leave some of it.  It was REALLY good, though!

   Tomorrow, Belize!  We’re supposed to take a tender in to shore about 8:00 AM, then take a river cruise and do some exploring.  It’s supposed to be 6.5 hours long – I’m sure we’ll be REALLY tired tomorrow evening, but we are loving it all!!

  I’ll try to post again tomorrow – stand by!  🙂


Jim and Kate, World Travelers!

3 responses to “Caribbean Cruise Day 3

  1. Take notes in Belize for John. He’s really jealous that you’re heading that direction!

  2. Maybe one of your new shipboard buddies would let you use their laptop to add pictures to your blog posts? Just a thought. Sounds like you are adhering to the daily itinerary – Day 1: Have fun. Day 2: Have fun … Repeat until exhausted. :^)

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