Mosquito Coast

We are preparing to head south this weekend, driving on Saturday down to Jacksonville, Alabama to spend a night with Kate’s brother Don and his wife Bonnie.  Sunday we’ll jump out of bed early (hear that, Kate? EARLY!  🙂  ) and go on to New Orleans.  We have to get there before the ship pulls out at 5PM and it’s a 7-hour drive, so we’ll hope we don’t hit any major highway construction projects en route.  Oh, did I mention?  We’re going on a CARIBBEAN CRUISE!!!  We’ll be on the good ship Norwegian Spirit, heading to Costa Maya, Belize, Roatan, and Cozumel.  We are some kinda EXCITED, I can tell ya!

I know, I know, you’re not supposed to announce online that the house will be vacant, but our nice neighbors are STANDING GUARD for us!  Besides, we don’t have any gold jewelry or anything, so I don’t have too many worries about burglars.  If the worst should happen, I think the insurance agent could write us a check for $100, which should cover all our stolen valuables.

Of course, both of us have colds.  Kate has been coughing out her lungs, maybe feeling a little better today, and I have a head cold – I’ve been carrying Kleenex boxes around with me.  Kate is at work tonight – I tried to convince her to call in, but she decided to tough it out and report in. Fortunately, relief is at hand – I heard about a cold remedy they use quite a bit in the Caribbean and they’ve  found it to be especially efficacious – I’ve included a photo of the magic elixir.  The dosage was not clear in the instructions, but I think it’s basically DRINK-REPEAT, etc.    We’ll report back on the healing properties of this preparation.  Apparently it comes in flavors, rather like cough syrup does, to mask the awful taste  🙂

We’ll be gone a week and plan to return, broke and sunburned, in time to pick up little KD doggie from the pet boarding place and see if she still remembers us.

That’s about it – we’ll be back soon with sand in our flip flops.  Are ya envious yet???   🙂

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