Wah sappenin

  I think I learned this from “Born in East LA” or some other culturally significant movie that Cheech was in.  So, if nothing is going on, the answer to “Wah sappenin” is “No haps”.  See what you can learn here?  Amazing!  🙂

  We’re just trying to ride out this vicious winter, like the rest of you.  We’ve dodged the worst of it on this last storm, just some wind and a tiny bit of snow.  Tiny bits of wind-driven, biting snow.  The other night I could have *sworn* that a jet was landing on the house – the wind was HOWLING, I tell ya!  Next morning, I wasn’t happy with how the weather had re-arranged the lawn furniture so I went out and dragged it back.  For us, the current mantra is “The big cruise ship departs from New Orleans in about 2 weeks, and we’re gonna be ON IT!”  Note to bad guys:  yes, the neighbors are watching the house, so beware!  Anyway, we’re ready for some warm weather – hmmm, 75 degrees DOES sound good!  And, it’s just *possible* that we’ll be ordering some of those umbrella drinks on the good ship Norwegian Spirit.  I’m also planning on some INTENSIVE desk chair time with me and Kate up on the top deck at night soaking up some starlight in the warm breezes.  Kate has been working some extra shifts the last few weeks so we’d have some extra spending money on our getaway, so I’ll be working extra hard while we’re on the ship to make sure Queen Kate has *everything* she needs, she deserves it!!!!!

   I was reminded of a small fact of life this morning.  I was out enjoying the gentle breezes (20 degrees, watering eyes, free sandblast job) while I horsed the big green trash bucket out toward the end of our LONG driveway.  And, about mid-way, came the lesson.  I cannot FLY!  😦  I was not paying close attention to the task and managed to turn my ankle.  My lightning reflexes failed to prevent the subsequent fall, and gravity sprawled me quite rudely onto the frozen gravel of the driveway.  Ouch!  Note to self:  “Be careful out there!”

   Recently I have been resurrecting my interest in ham radio and I managed to get my little radio fired off without too much trouble.  I have a Yaesu FT-817 radio that pretty much operates on any frequency band you’d ever want if you just go to the trouble of setting up the appropriate antenna.  Right now I’m going the easy route, staying on what’s called the “2 meter” band (I won’t go into a technical explanation of this), and so I  have a simple flexible antenna sort of draped over the bookcase inside the house.  I’m trying to get set up with a system called “Echolink” so I can actually contact people all over the world without a large outlay of money and without having to set up a huge beam antenna in the yard.  Progress is slow, I’ll let you know how it goes.  Sound interesting?  You can now get a ham license rather easily since they no longer require that you learn Morse Code.  Check it out!  Here’s a good place to start  http://www.arrl.org/ 

   We’ve been making a few extra trips to Kentucky lately to visit Kate’s mother Frances.  She’s 90 years old, as you may remember, and is having some circulation problems in her lower legs, so we have to stay on top of helping get her to the doctor as required.  Keep her in your prayers, ok?  She’s tough, but this could be quite a battle for her.

  That’s about it for now – more adventures to come!

4 responses to “Wah sappenin

  1. I’m seriously considering running away to a warm, remote island until summer. Maybe you can visit me when the ship ports!!

  2. Oh Jim, I didn’t know you were a ham. I am, too. I got my license many, many years ago because my husband is a ham. There’s a club around Corydon somewhere, I think.

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