Back from 1790

  The Buck Creek Muzzleloaders sponsored a Trade Fair in Linton, Indiana, this last weekend, and we were THERE!  Since my good wife Kate had already split a cord of wood and got the garden plot tilled up I decided it would be ok for her to accompany me on my manly getaway – we left KD to her own doin’s, maybe she could eat a grizzly bear while we were away.

   The venue for the fair was somewhat small, but they did manage to crowd in a lot of interesting things.  I wasn’t in the market for a new tomahawk, but they did have some good ones.  Here are a few pics of our visit to the 18th century.                                                                                                                                            We bought a few little things, necessary of course.  I mean, you just HAVE to have an iron striker and flint – what if we’re out on the highway and need to pull over to build a campfire?  Ya see?  And, with my new turkey caller, I can get us some food for….. wait, I forgot to buy that flintlock rifle I was admiring.  Dang!  And, it was only $470 – a bargain, I’m sure.

    Here are some folks in period dress – Kate wants us to buy ALL this stuff right away and begin PARTICIPATING!!!!!   Hey, slow down – I can’ t become Frontier Jim without a little planning.  And a lot of worrying of course – that’s what I do best!  🙂

   Anyway, we had a great time and were glad we went.  Now we’ll have to see about visiting some more of the trade shows and maybe some muzzleloader shooting events to see what this is all about.  Kate has *plans*, you know  <wink>.

3 responses to “Back from 1790

  1. Bruce Seymour

    Looks like it was a good event to visit. As far as participating, uh, I have another idea; just watching is fine. Hope you both had fun and picked up some good ideas. See you all soon.

    Love you both,

  2. My husband does re-enactments in that time period. He wanted to go to Linton, but had to work this weekend. It’s good to hear that the event went well.

  3. Joshua Mcvey

    The pics are great. That’s about as much participation that I could muster, but there is a lot to admire there.

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