Winter Doldrums

  I guess WINTER has decided to stay awhile.  The old guy has decorated the neighborhood with lots of snow and ice, and ya just CAN’T stay outside when the wind blows.  BRRRRRRRRRR!  It looks serious – the deer are wearing snow boots and the turkeys are using stilts.

   When the latest snowstorm blew in it wasn’t long before our Hughesnet dish antenna loaded up with snow and we lost our internet connection.  Of course, with Hughesnet, it’s sometimes kinda hard to tell whether you’ve lost service or not – I’m talking SLOW connection!  It’s faster than dialup, that’s about all you can say.  So, I’m thinking, how can I best get rid of that pesky snow on the antenna?  Option 1:  Climb up on the icy roof.  Wrong!  Option 2:  throw snowballs at it.  Yeah, that’s JUST what I need – more snow up there, PLUS taking a chance of knocking the dish off alignment.  Option 3:  Wait til the weather clears and rig up an airjet system with some plastic tubing.  Hmmm, I don’t have an air compressor, maybe I’ll hold off on that plan.  Option 4:  Try to talk Kate into climbing that ladder again.  Nah, not real sure I could catch her, so I guess that won’t work.  Option 5:  Yep, you guessed it – go to Wal-Mart and buy a SUPER SOAKER water gun.  So, I did that, and of course by the time I got home most of the snow was gone from the dish, but I’m thinking it will work ok next time.  I’ll have to load up with *hot* water and soak the back of the dish (not enough range to reach the front), and see what happens.  Fortunately, there are no power lines up there, so I won’t be barbecuing myself.  I’ll report back on the experiment.

   We’re gonna make a run up nawth tomorrow, all the way to Linton, Indiana.  They’re having a reenactor trade show up there, and we’re gonna check out all the stuff they have on display.  It’s sponsored by the Buck Creek Muzzloader folks, so it’s likely they’ll have some neat rifles on display.  Kate will likely be more interested in the period clothing and household implements than the shootin’ stuff, I figger.  Do I sound like Dan’l Boone, yet??  🙂  It’s not terribly far away, maybe 2 1/2 hours, so it shouldn’t be too taxing a drive.  And, I’m hoping we can get out of there *without* breaking the bank, as they say.  If we see anything we’d just *love* to have, maybe we can hold off til another time – still got some bills to pay, ya know?  Should be fun – should we count on seeing you there?

  Well, I didn’t have much of anything to say this time, but it took me all this time to present it.  Maybe next time I can report on the muzzleloader show, so you can be suitably envious of our adventure!  🙂  Stand by for EXCITEMENT!

2 responses to “Winter Doldrums

  1. I’m wondering if you might not be able to take advantage of your new interest in muzzle loaders to take care of your snowy dish problems. Seriously, though, maybe you should load your super soaker with window washer fluid?

    • Since I can’t get at the face of the dish, I think I’ll need to use warm water (or whatever) and spray the back of the dish and try to melt the snow off that way.

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