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Christmasth has cometh

I sound kinda like the kid who wants only his two front teeth for Christmas.  But, that’s *really* how I talk, so it’s OK  🙂  Yes, Christmath has indeed cometh, and Santa was good to all of us.  In my continuing role as the jolly guy in the red suit, I held court in the old capitol building on Corydon’s square for the 3 Saturdays preceding Christmas.  Lots of families came to visit old Santa, and the kids were eager to tell what they wanted to find under *their* trees.  It was very sweet, with lots of laughing kids, smiling kids, a few reluctant kids, and one or two who just couldn’t do it, but that was OK, too.  I did have one near miss – the little guy, about 1 year old, spit up *just* before they put him in my lap – oh, what great timing (no, I didn’t have a spare suit to put on).   Anyway, I have special memories of the whole thing, and would love to do it again.  I think I’ll make up some Santa ‘business cards’ and try to line up some more gigs for next year, maybe visit some nursing homes (for free, of course).  Maybe Mrs. Claus would enjoy attending some with me.

It was a month ago that I last posted to the blog – I kept thinking, “Well, I’ll do a post right after this event or that event”, and the weeks passed.  I’ll try to do better, for those of you who actually enjoy reading about our adventures.  So, now I’ll try to do some ‘catch-up’ on what we did for the holiday season.

On December 14th the CASA (Court Appointed Child Advocate) group held their appreciation banquet for all the local volunteers, but unfortunately Kate had to work that night so I had to go alone.  It was quite the sacrifice for me, you understand, having to go over there by myself and gobble up all that tasty food (yeah, it was GREAT FOOD).  But, I struggled through  🙂  Actually, it was a good get-together, and very nice that they honored the people who volunteered their time to help the little children who were thrust into the court system.  They also thanked Judge Whitis (in the picture, above), the outgoing judge, who had been such a blessing to them the past year.  I hope Kate can attend next year.

It’s been a snowy December, lots of cold weather, we may have to see the loan officer about paying our electric bill (nah, just kidding).  Our house is all-electric, so we’ll just have to pay the piper, as they say.  We’ve had a few forest visitors come by, guess they couldn’t make it to the grocery store.  We had deer and turkey parading through the yard, but they knew I only had a pellet gun and couldn’t be much threat to them, maybe they’ll come again.

Kate (Mrs Claus) got to do a fun thing at church – she put on her seasonal costume and became extra-beautiful, then appeared at both morning services on the Sunday before Christmas as a storyteller for the kids. She had a children’s book which told how Santa was explaining to all the forest creatures that Christmas wasn’t all about presents – the biggest gift was Jesus, himself.  The kids loved it, and I think the adults appreciated it, also.  Pastor Tim gave a good message about the special time of year, and it was a good introduction to Christmas Week.

When December 24th rolled around, the snow started falling again and it was as pretty as a picture postcard – big flakes coming softly down, I wish I could adequately show you here.  It snowed during the night and was still coming down on Christmas morning – apparently it was pretty rare to have a White Christmas in this part of the world.   We had opened our gifts on Christmas Eve and the snowfall in the morning was just an added gift.  I won’t try to list everything here that we received, but it was nice to have Ananda here to share it all with us.  Mid-morning we packed up the car and headed south to Vine Grove, KY, to visit with Alan, Janice, Kate’s mom Frances, and a host of relatives there.  Janice had whipped up a huge batch of waffles with sausage and bacon on the side, it was her traditional breakfast for the holiday, as I learned.  We thanked her profusely for all her hard work, but she said it was “No problem”, because she loved it.  We got a picture of Sunni, sitting on Santa’s knee – a little bit of a focus problem, but not terrible.  Also, here’s a nice picture of Janice and grandson Seth, with yers truly there in the red suit.  We had a wonderful time and resolved that Christmas was a good thing and that we should plan on having it as a regular holiday every year!!  I’ve included a fun picture that I ‘Paint-Shopped’ to put Alan into a Santa suit – hope he doesn’t mind, I think it turned out pretty well, see what you think! That’s his grand-daughter Nevaeh (spell it backwards, you’ll see where the name came from) also in the picture.   There were a number of relatives there, as I mentioned before, but I won’t try to include all the names, I know I’d leave somebody out.

Toward noon, we headed out to Elizabethtown, KY, to enjoy lunch with Bruce, Joyce, and a group of relatives from Joyce’s side of the family.  Again, I won’t try to list them, not sure I even met everybody  🙂  Joyce had put together a huge meal for all of us to share, lots of turkey, pulled pork, delicious side dishes, it was fabulous!  I must apologize, I got very few photos of the gathering there, I think I was distracted by my cat allergies that were acting up.  My allergy pill just couldn’t keep up.  Next year, either more pills or fewer cats, whatever works.

Here are a couple of shots I took on Christmas Eve at home – we were in the middle of unwrapping our gifts (pssst, that box with Kate is a new flatscreen tv for the bedroom – Kate’s been getting by with a tiny screen tv up to now). She said, “I love it!  I didn’t even know I wanted one, but this is great!” 

We  had a wonderful holiday season, couldn’t have asked for anything better.  Hope everything went your way and that you got to do some sharing with family, as we did.

Merry Christmas to All, and to all a Good Night!!