Thanksgiving and More

   We had a very nice Thanksgiving this year, nice time with relatives, very enjoyable.  We had company staying at our house for a couple of days – Kate’s brother Don Seymour and his wife Bonnie came up from Alabama.  We shoehorned them into our little spare bedroom and they were real troopers about it – never complained about the trundlebed sleeping arrangements or even about the guest outhouse in the woods  🙂  Bonnie recently went through a health crisis, having suffered a stroke, but is showing remarkable resilience – she has occasional problems coming up with the exact word she intended to use, but otherwise is doing great!  Hey, all of us in this age group can indentify with that little prob……. hmmm, what was that word, again???  🙂

   They arrived on Thanksgiving Eve, then we all went down to Vine Grove, KY to be with Kate and Don’s mother Frances, whom I’ve mentioned before.  We were accompanied on our journey by Don/Bonnie’s dog Libby – our KD was left behind, I’m sorry to report.  KD does not work and play well with other dogs, so we kept her entirely apart from the visiting canine, and that worked out best.  Anyway, the Vine Grove gathering was good – Alan and Janice Seymour were there, as were Bruce and Joyce Seymour, Sunni dropped in for a brief visit, and there were a few more I am unable to name due to poor memory on my part.  The food was prepared by a dear relative, Aunt Cracker Barrel, assisted by Uncle Sam’s.  It made for a pretty stress-free holiday meal, without having anyone slaving over the stove for hours.

   We got to show off Corydon to Don and Bonnie, and they were suitably impressed with our little community.  We tried to get them interested in buying the place next door, but I think maybe they might have other plans – we’ll see  🙂

   Ok, that was Thursday (Thanksgiving), and now we move on to Saturday, November 27th, for the “Light Up Corydon” celebration downtown.  As I said before, the city fathers (in a moment of recklessness), agreed that I could appear as the Jolly Fellow from the North Pole, and even said it was ok for me to interact with small children.  WHAT were they thinking??  Just kidding, it turned out great!!!  I dressed up in the FINE costume that Kate had made for me, and she was attired in a beautiful matching dress she had put together to appear as Mrs Claus.  

Thanks to her untiring efforts, we were RESPLENDENT!  I was introduced onto the main stage (the bandstand on the square), with Kate at my side, and I got to do the HO-HO-HO Merry Christmas thing in my best booming voice and was greeted by a veritable SEA of smiling faces, children of all ages.  After goofing around with the microphone for a bit, I was allowed to lead the crowd in the Official Count-Down to light the city lights!  Oh, WOW, it was just wonderful!  After that I got to pick the winning name for the $250 shopping spree in downtown Corydon.  It was a total blast, I tell  ya!  Everywhere I looked there were the smiling, expectant faces of children – can you imagine ANYTHING better than that?  I think not!

   After the drawing Mrs Claus and I were escorted across the square, making our way through a huge crowd of laughing, excited kids and their smiling parents, on our way to the Original Capitol Building, maybe 75 yards away.  They had fixed up the historic old building as Santa’s House, with a warm fireplace setting – a nice backdrop for kid photos.   Everything was in place, the line was already forming for the kids to come visit Santa, it was hugely enjoyable for all (not counting the few frightened children who just weren’t able to sit on Santa’s knee).  Kate was simply beautiful in her costume, and she had a 5-kilowatt smile to go with it!

     There was a long line of kids and parents, but no one seemed to mind the wait.  Each child got to be the center of attention for a few minutes as they shyly told Santa what they wanted to find under their tree, and then each was rewarded with a candy cane.  Kate and I agreed, it was a rewarding and wonderful time for us, and we hoped that all the folks coming through were pleased with our performances.  There will be additional photo sessions on the next 3 Saturdays from 1-5 PM, so maybe we can have a few more kids come through who weren’t able to be here for “Light Up Corydon”.

   If they want us back next year, you can bet we’ll be happy to do it!  If *you* can make it, come sit on Santa’s knee, tell me what you want to find under YOUR tree, ok?  🙂

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