CASA and the Past

  Well, we had big doin’s yesterday, Friday, October 1st.  I mentioned in a previous post that Kate had signed up to be a CASA volunteer (Court Appointed Special Advocate) and yesterday she and 3 others got sworn in by the judge, so she is now OFFICIAL!!  I couldn’t be MORE proud of her!  Soon, she’ll be assigned her first case, and will be off and running, doing what her heart desires most – helping people!  A BIG HEARTED lady!!

  Later in the day, we went down to the square in Corydon to participate in the “Corydon’s Unsavory Past” historical re-enactment.  They had set up 10 or 11 ‘posts’ around the square and beyond, where a narrator at each of these locations would tell the tour attendees about the history and significance of their particular ‘post’.  I was the narrator at the 2nd post, and it was my duty to describe the events of “The Great Corydon Fire of 1871”.  Tour groups of about 30 people were being launched about every 15 minutes from the start point, and they had organized 8 of these groups.  Pretty good turnout!

   So, at at 7:30PM we received our first tour group and swung into action – I was doing the story line and there were a number of other folks acting out the pandemonium of the fire and the ensuing firefighting efforts of the townspeople. 

  We had some antique equipment (no, not me), we had some actual firefighter volunteer folk from Lanesville, just east of Corydon, we had a clown (again, not me!), we had it all.  There was a cast of HUNDREDS helping re-enact the fire fighting (well, maybe less – more like a dozen).  We had a great time, lots of yelling and running around – kinda like your wedding, yes?  🙂  Every 15 minutes we’d get set up and do it all over again.  I was the speaker, which was the easy part – all the rest of the volunteers were doing bucket brigades, tossing buckets of air onto the imaginary fire, running, running.  You’ll see Kate in a number of the pictures – she really got into it, bucket brigade, shouting fire stuff “Save the baby!”  “I’ll bet the clown started this fire” “Who’s the bozo doing the narrating??”  Lotsa fun!!

   We’ll be back down at the square tonight for another 8 groups of eager tour attendees.  Come on down, check it out!!  If you’re real lucky, one of our folks will surprise you with a tossed bucket of oatmeal – we did surprise a few with that old trick  🙂

  See you there!

2 responses to “CASA and the Past

  1. I don’t think you and Kate ever have a dull moment!!!!Miss you. Do enjoy the ramblings.

  2. Congratulations to Kate!!!!

    Dick and Judy

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