Adieu Ontario

   We got to go to the Spencerville Fair while we were up Nawth.  It was like a county fair, but I don’t know how they refer to them up there.  Anyway, there were agricultural displays in various tents and buildings, lots of animals to see and smell (watch where you step).  There were carnival rides, it was great!  Here are a few pics of our cloudy, rainy outing at the fair. 

(All the pics in the blog are ‘click-able’ if you wish to see the larger versions).

  The wooden contraption you see in the last photo is a horse-drawn snowplow.  I wondered how they accomplished that task in the old days, and now I know!  We had lotsa fun at the Spencerville Fair.  Unfortunately, Lisa could not make it – maybe next year.

   We also took a trip to Merrickville, Ontario, one of my favorite villages.  I really can’t explain the fascination I have for the place, it’s just historical (the Rideau Canal goes through there – look it up!) and kinda quaint.  Yes, I’d move there tomorrow if I could!  Nah, I’d probably freeze to death, it’s REALLY cold in that part of the world come wintertime.  Kinda fun to think about, though.  Here are some more pics – some show a glassblowing shop where we paused for awhile, made a few purchases.  I described in the previous post how we stopped at “Brewed Awakenings” and had that fabulous sandwich with the red onion marmalade – well, you can order some for yourself at  That’s the website for Mrs. McGarrigle’s Mustard Shop.  They have an amazing array of jams, jellies, dips, mustards.  Try it, you’ll like it!  And, I’ll give you your money back if you’re not happy with your purchase (of course, I can only pay you in Confederate money – Internet rules, you know).

   Our last road trip while in Ontario was to Ottawa – I had visited there before and wanted Kate to experience the international flavor of Canada’s capital city.  Beautiful old buildings – some of the most striking are the buildings of Parliament.  During some of our driving in the downtown area we passed several of the foreign embassies – Saudi Arabia, China, United States, etc.  It really gets your attention when you come across these – it reminds you that there are many other countries than just our own or Canada.  Here are some pics: 

In photo 5 you can see a waterway down the center going to the river – that is the series of locks which is the northern end of the Rideau Canal system, mentioned before.  In the last photo you can see a street stand selling Beaver Tails, which is another Canadian ‘fiesta food’ – it’s a lot like a funnel cake, with lots of cinnamon and sugar.  I don’t think any beavers were harmed in the preparation of our street snack.

   I have lots and lots more photos – bring your canteen and come over, we’ll have a photo-viewing party.

   I hope you enjoyed sharing our vacation.  We had a great time, as I’ve said several times – wish you coulda come along!

  Next post:  our stop at Niagara Falls on our way home.

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