Canada Vacation part deux

   We are home now, recovering from the drive, tired but happy.  Kate has already left for work this evening, so it’s just me and KD here at the ranch.  We left little doggie at the boarding place while we were gone, and when we picked her up this morning, it was WAG CITY!  Everything KD could wag, was wagged!  She was writhing in happiness when Kate brought her to the car and it took just awhile to get her settled down.  And, I guess KD loves even me  🙂

   I’ll include some pics on this post so you can see a few faces, a few places.  Firstly, you should be introduced to Dick & Judy, our wonderful hosts during our stay in Ontario.  They are just the greatest people, fun to talk to, fun to do things with (the 4 of us spent our last evening there singing in the kitchen).  They are always smiling, ever helpful, the kind of folks you’d count as good neighbors!

   Here’s a candid shot of Lisa, Luke, and Emma – the kids are opening packages that we brought for them.  Bret had not yet come home from work.

  And, I’ll throw in a couple of pics of the house and yard, front and back, just to give you an idea of our surroundings.

  They have a nice  house and grounds, I think you’ll agree.

And, I finally cornered Bret and got a pic of him – handsome fellow!  Yes, I managed to crowd into the photo, too – I’m SOOOOOO vain!   In case I forgot to mention it, Kate was there, too!  🙂

  Here’s a shot of Bret’s house – Bret and Lisa live just a few kilometers away (I don’t know how much a kilometer is, maybe it’s the same as a light year)    🙂  

  I took one more shot of their front yard and street – in the distance, you can see some water, and that’s the St Lawrence River, just 1.5 blocks away (or 2 light years, whichever).  They live in the town of Prescott, Ontario.

From time to time, we saw freighters on the river – it sort of gives you a start as you turn around and see a big ship going by, almost in the neighborhood! 

 I actually took this shot from Ft Wellington, a historic site just down the road from where Bret lives.  In the photograph you can see across to Ogdensburg, NY. 

 Here’s a look at one of the mortars in Ft Wellington. 

  We went to a street market in Brockville, Ontario, just down the road.  It was a beautiful day, right beside the St Lawrence River. 

  The guy in the second photo had all these wonderful home-made jams, jellies, and marmalades.  I didn’t think I cared much for marmalade, but his was GREAT!!

   We went to Merrickville, Ontario, we went to the Spencerville Fair, we went to Ottawa………. more pics to come!

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