Hutch Quest

  When we first moved to Indiana back in January, most of our stuff arrived intact aboard the BYT (Big Yellow Truck), but we did have one casualty.  The china cabinet came down the ramp and promptly expired – it gave a creak and a groan and just came apart.  We put the parts of the corpus delecti into the dumpster, dried our tears and moved on.  Since then, from time to time, Kate has mentioned that she wants a replacement hutch.  She prints out postings from Craigslist, ads from the Big Box stores, whatever.  I’m trying to satisfy all of her needs without us going to the poorhouse, so it’s been a balancing act.  “Here’s a hutch, only $375!”  “Here’s another one, just $325!”.  Well, we’ve been wasting our money on insurance bills, gasoline, food, that sort of thing, and there just hasn’t been room in the budget for her hutch.

   Recently, she began dropping stronger hints, “Get me a hutch or I”ll torch your pickup!”.  So, I asked her to find something we could better afford. She found one – $75.  I asked, “Are you serious?  What could you get for $75?”  Anyway, she assured me that she had spoken with the seller and all would be good.  I made some remarks about her gullibility but agreed that we’d go see the $75 hutch.  We drove to Shelbyville, KY, found the house (nice neighborhood – good start!) and drove down the LONG driveway to the rear entrance of the garage.  The lady came out, showed us the corner hutch, money was exchanged, all was working well.  We loaded the hutch onto the utility trailer that we had taken along, and it all worked great.  I used those ratcheting ‘clickity click’ hold-downs and made sure it was locked down tight.  Off we went.

   We drove a ways on the expressway heading home and decided to exit for gas.  We got the gas, headed down the street so we could turn around to get back to the expressway, and about that time I heard a noise in the back and glanced into the rearview mirror just as the hutch made a Kamikaze dive off the trailer onto the asphalt road.  Horrors!  I pulled over as quickly as I could into an opening to a side street then ran back to survey the damage, fearing the worst.  I first thought I might need a broom and dustpan to gather up the pieces, but was pleasantly surprised to find that the hutch had slid safely to a stop, scratching only the back of it, and that the oncoming traffic had managed to dodge it in the road.  Wow!  I still don’t understand how BOTH of those ratcheting hold-downs gave loose at once, but I know I won’t be trusting them as much in the future!

   We got reloaded, re-lashed everything, and made it the rest of the way home without incident.  She and I managed to horse the thing into the house and it is there now, in its place of honor – no scratches, no broken glass.

I hope this was our last hutch incident.

One response to “Hutch Quest

  1. We love this one! Reminds Randy of a time in Michigan when he and some smart fellows moved an upright piano and it tip over and out on Woodward Avenue. Ivories were everywhere. That was some tickling of the ivories. (Real Ivory)

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