Incipient Autumn

   The days are growing noticeably shorter, there’s a coolness in the mornings.  We still have some fairly hot days ahead of us, as we know, but I think maybe we’ve turned the corner on this HOT HOT summer.  Most of us are ready for some relief, yes?

   Yesterday I spent some time working down the big brushpile that’s out in the front yard – it doesn’t look so big in this picture from March, but I’ve added to it since then.  Anyway, I tied on with my lawn tractor and dragged the biggest branches and downed trees up by the garage, prior to cutting them up with my chainsaw.   The cutting went well, no missing arms or legs, no trips to the emergency room.

   So,  mission accomplished – the brush pile is nearly gone, and I got some wood cut for a CAMPFIRE evening!!

   We went out last night just after dark and loaded up our new firepit with some freshly-cut logs and settled back for some PRIME evening entertainment.    I had purchased the firepit a month or two ago, and finally got it assembled in time for our first *cool* evening.

   I wish I could fully describe just how great that was, sitting out there under the stars (no moon last night), no mosquitoes, no wind, nothing to detract from the pleasure of the experience.  Just Kate and me, watching a crackling fire.  (one small problem:  we were out of marshmallows, so – no SMORES  😦  )

  A minor note about this picture:  if you look closely, it appears that there are two figures in the flames – one on the left with a guitar, one on the right with arms upraised.  Hmmm  – maybe I ought to lay off the vodka for just one evening!  🙂   

   In just a few days we’ll be off on our adventure driving trip to Ontario, Canada.  We pull out next Wednesday morning, Sept 8th – I’ll take Kate to work on Tuesday evening, then pick her up next morning so we can leave directly from Louisville.  The tentative plan is to drive up to the Toronto area the first day, then finish up the last 4 hours on Thursday.  We’ll be gone for a week or so, and I know it’ll be just great!  Renewing old friendships for me, introducing Kate around – oh what fun!

  I’ve included a couple of pictures of the house where we’ll be staying.  It belongs to daughter-in-law Lisa’s parents, Dick and Judy Dickins.  It’s made of stone and was built in 1830 – it’s beautifully furnished inside.  In the second photo you can see the carriage house, which is a stately structure in its own right.

  On the map, find Ogdensburg, NY – we’ll be right across the St Lawrence River, just a few miles west.  From their front yard, you can see the St Lawrence.

  Envious yet?  Wanna come?  Ok, we’ll meetcha there!

  We’ve got some really nice neighbors who have been placed on alert to watch the place while we’re gone and they’ll pick up our mail, too – just can’t trust the post office for that.  We’ll bring them some souvenirs if we remember – maybe some Canadian Bacon  🙂

   Ok, that’s about it for now.  Not sure when my next post will be – probably in a couple of weeks after we return.

  So, is it time to start planning  our *NEXT* trip?  🙂

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