Olla Podrida

  Yep, just building another ‘stew’ here, a little of this, little of that.  Another work night for Kate, 3rd 12-hour shift in a row, kinda beats her up.  When she comes in tomorrow morning I’ll be tiptoeing around, hoping to let her rest.  I goofed up the other day, went out and mowed the yard and made enough noise that she heard it.  She didn’t complain, just remarked on it.  Shhhh, I’ll be quieter.  I got my chain saw back from the shop today – couldn’t keep the chain on it, but they fixed it for free, sharpened the blade.  Guess I better hold off on *that* activity for a bit, too.  Shhhh.

    I’ve been ‘playing’ with my Canon DSLR this evening, trying for some time-lapse shots.  I’ve had a few successes, a few ‘learning moments’, but it’s been interesting.  I saw on an astronomy website where this fellow had set up his camera for some star shots and set up his camera for a long sequence of relatively short shots, then tied them all together into a movie of the night sky.  Wowsers!  Anyway, I figured out the first steps on how to do that, now I just need to fine-tune some of the settings.  Have I put you to sleeep yet?  I know everyone isn’t into photography and/or astronomy, but I find them interesting.  (wanna see his neat movies?  go to http://www.danheller.com/kings-canyon-stars.html and click around).

   An update on Kate’s ‘spare time’ activities.  She has a huge heart, she’s a born helper and volunteer and has found what should be the perfect outlet for her.  There is an organization called CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) which exists through the generosity of  volunteers who are case workers for abused and neglected children. These volunteers are the ones who speak for the children who cannot speak for themselves, in court.  They will make recommendations to the court based on what they have learned from the families of the children and from the kids themselves.  She has to complete 30 hours of classroom training on this, then she’ll be handed her first case to assist with.  A big job, a very important job, and I know she’ll do it well.  I don’t think I have the psychological makeup to do this kind of thing myself, but maybe as I learn more about it I can help in some small way.

    We just found out that Kate is going to have about a week off, the 2nd week of September, and we’re planning to head up to Ontario, Canada, to visit son Bret and his family.  Kate has not yet met this branch of the family, so this will be neat for everyone.  And, this will be Kate’s first visit to that part of the world, so I’m excited for her and hope to do a little ‘tour guiding’ while we’re there.  Yeah, sure, like *I* know where anything is.  Maybe I should let Bret be the guide so we don’t get lost.  Anyway, I’m sure we’ll have a blast.  Stand by for lots of vacation pics, just lettin’ ya know!  I’ll be setting up the slide projector, don’t even *think* of sneaking out the back door!!

   We’re planning to go to the Kentucky State Fair in Louisville next week sometime, we’ll be going with Bruce and Joyce.  We’ll be consuming our share of festival food and maybe riding the ferris wheel.  And, I’m sure we’ll be wandering MILES of display booths, admiring show animals, ALL that stuff!!  It’ll be great!  🙂

   In my last posting I was talking about doing a little writing for the ‘Corydon Unsavory Past’ historical thing coming up.  Well, I got the writing done and my efforts have been approved, so now I need to start rehearsing my little show, practicing my delivery.   So, if you come to Corydon on October 1st or 2nd, you’ll find me in ‘period’ costume of 1871, telling all the folks in the tour groups about the Great Fire of 1871.  It’s $10 a head, but it’ll be worth it to see ME, of course!  🙂

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