Good Ole Corydon

   Friday evening, and very pleasant it is.  We’ve had some HOT weather, as I said before, but today was quite nice, comparatively.  Tonight is a work night for Kate, sorry she missed the geat evening.  I just got back from town – every Friday evening in the summer there is a concert in the small town square.  Performing this evening was the Crawford County Community Band, and it was *swell*  :).  A small piece of humor:  the band used to call themselves “The Out of Tuners”.  🙂

  I went over to the ‘concession area’ (folding tables set up, food prepared by the ladies from a local church) and latched onto a couple of hot dogs, a piece of chocolate cake and a diet coke.  Fabulous!! 

   I just couldn’t help thinking how sweet it is to live in (well, close to) this small community.  I feel like Professor Harold Hill, although I haven’t found many problems here in ‘River City’.  I never get tired of coming to the downtown area – we fell in love with this place the first time we drove through, wanted to live here, and now it’s true.  You might say we’re ‘lucky’, but really, we made our own luck.  Kate found a job nearby, we got packed and moved and made it happen.  We haven’t regretted it at all except for the increased distance from family in Denver.  Sorry we couldn’t bring everyone with us.

   Different subject for a minute.  We thought we had lost little KD last night  😦  She managed to pull loose from her collar and ran into the deep woods.  We didn’t see exactly which way she took off so there was little reason for us to tramp around trying to find a little dog in a BIG thick forest.  We called and called, no luck, so we had to just wait, see if she returned.  We had little hope of that happening, but about 6 hours later, around midnight, she was scratching at the front door.  She looked like she had been *dragged* through the woods – deep scratch on her chest, other lesser scratches scattered around.  We tried to pick her up and she YELPED quite loudly – this happened several times, so she was hurting somewhere, maybe took a fall or something.  Anyway, she’s doing quite a bit better today.  Gave us a scare, for sure.

   Again, I’m rambling, but this is in the form of a letter, isn’t it, so I guess it’s ok.  We went to Vine Grove today, visited Kate’s mom (Frances), had a nice day, but it’s always nice to get home.  Our little acreage is so quiet – we have that ‘country’ feeling, but all that we need from town is just a short drive away (about 12 minutes).  Now, if I could just get Kate to re-arrange her schedule a little, she could go to the town concert with me – that’d be NEAT  🙂

   We are looking forward to the dinner playhouse thing on Sunday, we’ll celebrate our anniversary with Cinderella.   Hmmm, wonder if they’ll have hot dogs there… I’ll let you know   🙂

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