Hot time, summer in the country!

    Well, we’ve been having lotsa fun lately, I can tell you.  I think our overall best move this summer has been to decide that the couch is off-limits if there are festivals to go to, goat races to attend, whatever!

   Part of the summer activities (just a small part) was related to Vacation Bible School at Pfrimmer’s Chapel – Kate managed to work in a volunteer session with the kids last Wednesday evening and got to help with the games and activities there.  I didn’t go (shame on me), but enjoyed the Sunday service, which was a re-hash of all the fun things the kids got to do during the week, with photographs, sing-a-longs, and videos.  After the service we went downstairs and enjoyed hot dogs, chips, and drinks with the VBS party atmosphere continuing.  We stayed a little bit after to help with cleanup – fortunately I knew how to wash dishes, so that was my main contribution  🙂

   Right after church, we went to the Hayswood Theater in downtown Corydon to see “Smoke on the Mountain: Homecoming” which was a combination play and bluegrass performance, and it was just great!  There was only one set – a country one-room church, and it was all about the rural folk in 1945 North Carolina and their problems and triumphs.  We had great seats, second row (of course, there are only about 10 rows in the theater), and really enjoyed it.

     To put the frosting on the day we went down to the square to enjoy the Harrison County Fair parade.  We got a nice vantage point in the shade ( next time: lawn chairs!) and had a big time watching the floats, tractors, old cars go by.

   So, after all that fun at the parade, we were definitely in the mood to get started with that County Fair thing, which started yesterday (Monday, July 26th).  There were a couple of things we had to get done at the house first – Kate made another of her famous blackberry pies to enter in the competition at the fair, and I got a couple of my photos ready and framed so they could also be entered.

   So, Monday afternoon we scurried down to the fairgrounds (in south Corydon) and managed to figure out where we had to be for the entry process, and got ‘er done!  We have no idea how the judging process works, or how we might be notified if we won the Grand Prize (it’s $3.00, seriously!).  Perhaps you’ll see it on CNN if either of our efforts makes the BIG TIME.

   We went back to the fairgrounds later that day to wander the Midway and see what other wonders we might discover.  Of course, it was REQUIRED that I have a cornydog (shhhh, don’t tell my 82 yr old mom – she worries about my junk food intake).  It wasn’t a Texas State Fair Fletcher’s cornydog, but it was ok.  We guzzled some softdrinks, had a $6.00 ice cream cone to share, then made it to the Goat Races, just in time to watch that event.  Too bad you couldn’t make it to go with us, it was FABULOUS!!  🙂  Not sure if our favored goat won (it was brown, I think), but we loved it!  A couple of the contestant goats scampered outside the orange tape boundary and nearly collided with us, but they didn’t charge any extra for that encounter.

   After watching goat races, you just naturally have a hunger to go into the fairground grandstands for some Demolition Derby action!!  They had a car Demolition Derby, they had a Lawnmower Demolition Derby, it was almost like being at Daytona, or maybe the Roman Collosseum.

   The automobile version of the Derby was pretty tame – numerous collisons, lots of smoke from various of the contestant vehicles, but that was about it.  Noise, dust, smoke – yer basic Denver traffic jam, I think. 

 Now, that  MOWER thing was a CONTEST!  Thankfully, there were no injuries, as far as we could tell, but one of the mowers did catch fire after a particularly rousing collision.  Mower riders were being tossed everywhere, mowers were being overturned, dismounted riders were scampering out of the way and vaulting over the barrier walls, firemen were running hither and thither, trying to minimize any potential conflagrations.  It was great!  🙂  All they needed was swords and a few lions.

   Try to make room in your schedule for next year, ok?  We’ll save you a seat and hand you a cornydog when you arrive!

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